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BCNU and community allies strive to improve healthcare and build just societies

Building fairer workplaces, reducing poverty, greening our environment and improving access to quality public healthcare are objectives that are close to the hearts of nurses.

Nurses advance these objectives because we know when people are poor, communities are polluted and citizens can’t access healthcare, our society fragments and people can’t achieve their potential.

We believe that strong communities are built on the principles of fairness and social justice. And to build a better world BCNU partners with community allies who advance justice in ways that are complementary to our own.

BC Health Coalition

  • The BCHC works with sister organizations across Canada to promote and improve our public healthcare system. BCHC opposes user fees, privatization, corporatization, and other barriers to healthcare.
  • The BCHC promotes a publically funded and administered healthcare system as the best way to promote quality health and to reduce overall costs to citizens.

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  • InSite is the first and only supervised injection facility in North America spearheading the building of a comprehensive, made-in-Canada drug strategy. InSite operates on the principle of harm reduction and provides comprehensive addiction, health care and community services to vulnerable people in Vancouver’s downtown eastside.

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BC Poverty Reduction Coalition

  • The BC Poverty Reduction Coalition includes community and non-profit groups, faith groups, health organizations, First Nations and Aboriginal organizations, businesses, labour organizations, and social policy groups. They are focused on seeing the introduction of a bold and comprehensive poverty reduction plan from the government of British Columbia that would include legislated targets and timelines to significantly reduce poverty and homelessness.
  • They seek to improve the health and well-being of all British Columbians, with a collective membership of over 300,000 that have joined the call for a poverty reduction plan.

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Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

  • The CCPA is a non-partisan research institute that seeks to develop evidence-based public policy solutions that promote social, economic and environmental justice. The Centre fosters intellectual dialogue between labour, industry and youth groups across Canada and seeks to build bridges between people to improve public policy.

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CoDevelopment Canada

  • Codev is a BC-based social justice organization that promotes social progress and community empowerment in Canada and Latin America. Codev seeks to move beyond financial aid to advance local development and build ethical small business partnerships.

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Canadian Doctors for Medicare

  • Canadian Doctors for Medicare is a national organization that educates the public, policy makers and healthcare professionals on the value, efficiency, quality and equity of publicly funded healthcare.

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Community Health Centres

  • Community Health Centres are non-profit health centres operated by elected boards. They provide health promotion programs for individuals, families, schools, housing developments, workplaces and communities.

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Toxic Free Canada

  • An alliance of labour and environmental activists that promote healthier workplaces and communities by reducing and replacing toxins.

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Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of BC

  • This is an umbrella organization of more than 75 British Columbia seniors’ organizations and individuals. The Council mobilizes to protect social programs for elders that are currently being eroded by provincial and federal governments.

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