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Fundamental health and safety rights

The Right to a Safe Workplace

Everyone has the right to a safe and healthy workplace. Having a safe and healthy workplace means you return home at the end of your shift as healthy as when you arrived at work.

The Right to Know

You have the right to know about the hazards you may be exposed to in the course of your employment. Your employer is responsible for providing information and education about workplace hazards to its employees, joint OH&S committee members and contractors.

Your joint OH&S Committee also has a duty to communicate with employees and management on a wide range of safety issues. Minutes of the joint OH&S Committee meetings must be made available to all its members, all employees (through posting on bulletin boards), union offices for the bargaining units, and WorkSafeBC.

Inspection reports and worksite monitoring results must be accessible to all employees in the area of concern.

The Right to Participate

You have the right to participate in OH&S activities at your workplace. The right to participate ensures that employees have input into decisions affecting their health and safety, through their OH&S steward or directly through their supervisor/ manager.

The Right to Refuse Unsafe Work

You have the right to refuse, free from fear of discipline or retaliation, any work you consider posing an undue hazard. In refusing unsafe work, you must follow specific steps that are outlined in the OH&S Regulation Part 3.12-3.13.

The Right to No Discrimination

You have the right to exercise your health and safety rights and responsibilities free from discrimination.

For more information, please contact your steward.

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