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Equity Caucuses and Networks

BCNU's Human Rights and Equity Committee - founded in 2005 - helps organize and guide our equity caucuses and networks. These groups promote the profile and voice of BCNU members from communities that have endured historic and systemic discrimination and marginalization.

The establishment of BCNU's four equity caucuses is guided by principles enshrined in the Human Rights Code of British Columbia and the pro-active policies initiated by unions and other progressive organizations around the world. These principles and policies speak to the necessity of enhancing the voice and place of members of certain communities who have been the subject of historic and systemic discrimination and marginalization.

BCNU enhances the voice and place of its members who have experienced such discrimination through the Aboriginal Leadership Circle, the Workers of Colour Caucus, Workers with Disabilities Caucus, and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered Caucus.

An additional caucus, the Men in Nursing Group, was established as a way of recognizing the challenges which men may face as they enter a profession that has been shaped and circumscribed historically by patriarchal gender norms.

In addition the Committee provides support to, and advocates on behalf of internationally educated nurses."

All members can contribute to these efforts to build a more inclusive union, whether through participation in a caucus/network they identify with, or by working as an ally in support of the caucuses' work.

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