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Members are the heart and soul of BCNU. Our union grows strong through member participation. That is why we support our members by providing education that is practical, relevant and accessible. Our workshops, courses and conferences are delivered by dynamic educators who understand the social justice mission of unionism. They are interactive and engaging, enhancing members' confidence AND competence.

** 2014 Program **

Communicating: 6 Essential Skills for the Workplace — For nurses whose first language is not English

This 3-day course will improve participants' ability to communicate confidently with managers, colleagues, patients, and patients' families. Participants will learn about six essential communication skills, and will practice these skills by enacting common workplace scenarios. As well as receiving feedback from their peers and facilitators, participants will review a video of themselves enacting one of the scenarios so that they may enhance their learning by observing themselves communicating.
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A Brief History of Work

This introductory course is a critical exploration of the nature of work in a constantly shifting, globalized economy. Participants will look back at the kind of work that has shaped our contemporary moment and reflect on our possible future. Through a walking tour of downtown Vancouver, participants will explore the conflicts, contradictions and creativity of work, workplace struggles and worker victories. This course is a prerequisite for entrance into the L2R program.

Regional Education

BCNU also brings education to its members! Each year, the Education Department delivers a series of theme-based workshops focusing on hot topics in the workplace and for the union to the 16 regions.

BCNU Professional Practice Conference

This annual two-day conference brings together 150 BCNU members to learn from world renowned experts on a wide range of professional issues and topics.

Human Rights & Equity Conference

Each December, BCNU members gather for a day of education and community to bolster our collective strength in advocating for human rights, diversity and equity - both as citizens and health care providers.

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