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BCNU Student Membership

Student Nurses are the future of healthcare and the future of BCNU! You can become a student member of BCNU. It's free and allows you to attend meetings, apply for sponsorship opportunities, receive the Update Magazine, and more. Sign up now!

Conference Sponsorship

BCNU is proud to sponsor student nurses to attend conferences and events, such as the BCNU Human Rights & Equity Conference and the Canadian Nursing Students' Association annual conference. We don't have any conference sponsorship opportunities available at this time, but check back often for updates.


Student Nurses: Future Members
BCNU has developed a series of four 1 hour modules to be delivered at your nursing school. The modules are an exchange - we hear about your issues and you learn more about the work of the BCNU. To arrange for this at your school, contact your BCNU Regional Chair.

Employed Student Nurse Program
The Employed Student Nurse program (originally called the Undergraduate Nurse Project) enables nursing students to gain clinical experience in the health care system in special paid part-time or part-year positions that are additional to the normal staff complement.

Student Liaison Program
This program is designed to foster the relationship between schools and the elected leadership of BCNU. A student representative is elected by a class of their peers and communicates with the Regional Chair about concerns and issues of students.

Contact Your BCNU Representative

To find your BCNU contact, please select your school from the dropdown menu below.


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