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DispForm.aspx{755841B4-AEE6-415B-BD19-42372DCE8ABE}<p>​​​​​​​​​If you are injured or become ill as a result of your work you may be eligible for Workers' Compensation benefits. These benefits may include coverage for healthcare expenses related to your injury or illness and compensation for wage loss. Wage loss benefits are calculated based on a percentage of your average net earnings. <a href="/Safe-Workplace/IllnessDisabilityServices/Pages/WorkSafeBC-Compensation-Benefits.aspx" target="_blank">Click here​</a> to learn more about Workers' Compensation benefits.</p>If I'm injured at work, what Workers' Compensation benefits am I eligible for?Health & Safety
DispForm.aspx{762F8491-B212-4D52-8A9B-AE7A194AE123}<p>​​If you suffer a long term illness or injury that prevents you from working, you may be eligible for Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits. There is a five-month qualifying period for LTD benefits, during which employees must be unable to perform the essential duties of their job. LTD benefits are payable for up to 24 months. An employee may also qualify for LTD benefits beyond the initial 24 months. <span class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-2-0"><a href="/Safe-Workplace/IllnessDisabilityServices/Documents/NBA-PCA-AppendixAandB.pdf" target="_blank">Appendix A and B​</a></span> </p>If I suffer a long term injury or illness, am I eligible for Long Term Disability benefits?Health & Safety
DispForm.aspx{8703E3E4-2D52-4574-B4C7-83BE1DC66EB5}<p>​LTD benefits are adjudicated and paid by an insurer. LTD benefits provide up to 70% of your regular salary.</p>What percentage of my current salary would I receive if I suffer a long term illness or injury?Health & Safety
DispForm.aspx{C2900556-AF10-4FB7-9E2A-3C2A3697CB90}<p>​BCNU's Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Department can help you appeal the denial or termination of LTD benefits. For more info, please contact BCNU at 604-433-2268 or 1-800-663-9991 for your region's LTD.</p>How do I appeal an LTD ruling?Health & Safety
DispForm.aspx{13F30E56-FAE2-40CF-B623-BB4A18385FD8}<p>​​​The Enhanced Disability Management Program (EDMP) is a pro-active, appropriate and customized disability management program for employees with an occupational and non-occupational illness/injury.</p><p>EDMP participants benefit from a holistic Case Management Plan that may include medical intervention, transitional work, a graduated return to work, workplace modifications, vocational rehabilitation and/or retraining. For more info, please contact your <a href="/Safe-Workplace/IllnessDisabilityServices/Documents/EDMP-Contact_List.pdf" target="_blank"><span class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-2-0" style="text-decoration:none;">regional EDMP representative</span></a><strong>, </strong>or read<strong> </strong><span class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-2-0"><a href="/Safe-Workplace/IllnessDisabilityServices/Documents/NBA-PCA-AppendixA.pdf" target="_blank">Appendix A​</a></span> of the Collective Agreement.​​<br></p>What is the Enhanced Disability Management Program?Health & Safety
DispForm.aspx{DB29D12F-C2D4-4749-9F2B-786742C91198}<p>​Everyone has the right to a safe and healthy workplace. You also have the right to refuse, free from fear of discipline or retaliation, any work that you consider an undue hazard. In refusing unsafe work, you must follow the specific steps outlined in <span class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-2-0"><a href="" target="_blank">OH&S Regulation Part 3.12-3.13​</a></span>.</p>Do I have to work in an unsafe workplace?Health & Safety
DispForm.aspx{4967F075-6388-47B1-801F-120C04AF12E0}<p>JOHS committees include worker and employer reps who help create and promote safe and healthy workplaces. The committees, which meet at least monthly, provide a forum for collaboration, consultation, and participation in health and safety issues.</p>What is a Joint Occupational Health and Safety (JOHS) Committee?Health & Safety
DispForm.aspx{1F14C2F2-D41A-4F22-8C21-1C7DC5F7D7E0}<p>BCNU's OH&S department delivers a one-day course for members and stewards serving on JOHS committees. You can learn more about about the issue<span style="background-color:#ffffff;">s</span> by contacting your worksite steward or regional rep.</p>What help does BCNU provide to JOHS committees?Health & Safety
DispForm.aspx{2F234C1D-39CD-43F8-8F59-3875B1BC1AE9}<p>In BC, workplace violence is the third leading cause of injury to nurses. In fact, health care workers suffer a greater number of time loss injuries due to violence than any other occupation. No form of workplace violence is acceptable - all incidents of violence must be reported to your supervisor and investigated.</p>How serious is violence against health care workers?Health & Safety
DispForm.aspx{AAB3C66A-05F8-44E2-8C3B-DACA54001197}<p></p><div>Under current OH&S regulations, a risk assessment must be performed wherever a risk of violence exists. Employers must create procedures and policies to eliminate or minimize the risk. Employers must also educate, train and supervise workers in order to prevent injuries from violence.</div><div><br></div><div>BCNU's OH&S department works with JOHS committee members, stewards and employers to ensure violence prevention programs are established at all work sites.</div>What can be done to stop violence against health care workers?Health & Safety
DispForm.aspx{D4E4915D-6901-4FAF-B87A-63E34569B21B}<p>​​You can check out the following resources:</p><ul><li>OH&S rules are included in <a href="/Contracts-Bargaining/Pages/Your-Collective-Agreement.aspx">your collective agreement</a></li><li> <a href="" target="_blank">WorkSafeBC's Occupational Health and Safety Regulation Violence in the Workplace Part 4.27 – 4.31</a></li><li> <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=e2406821-8fec-41a6-878f-51f7cba483ac&TermSetId=aa12227a-18c7-44cc-b0ea-776eea3d7649&TermId=b77c75f6-893e-4dbf-b39e-b0492c9c5886" target="_blank">BCNU OH&S resources</a>.​</li></ul>How can I learn more about stopping workplace violence?Health & Safety
DispForm.aspx{DBF96A80-EAD4-4688-8E15-9C6B4CCFAEFA}<p></p><div>WorkSafeBC defines a musculoskeletal injury (MSI) as an injury or disorder of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves, blood vessels or related soft tissue including a sprain, strain and inflammation, that may be caused or aggravated by work. These injuries are also known as repetitive strain or repetitive motion injuries.</div><div><br></div><div>MSIs are the leading cause of injury among BC health care workers. Almost half of WorkSafeBC claims in health care are caused by overexertion. Improper patient handling is the leading cause of MSIs for caregivers. Early MSI signs and symptoms should be reported promptly to ensure the necessary changes are made.</div>What is a musculoskeletal injury (MSI)?Health & Safety
DispForm.aspx{8BA88811-B789-4F46-8A06-5E256FB99EA0}<p>​You can find out more about MSIs from the following sources:</p><ul><li><a href="/Safe-Workplace/HealthSafety/PublishingImages/a-safe-workplace/health-and-safety/musculoskeletal-injuries/Repetitive%20Strain%20Injury%20(RSI)%20Awareness%20Day.pdf" target="_blank">BCNU RSI awareness fact sheet​</a></li><li>MSI information included in <a href="/Contracts-Bargaining/Pages/Your-Collective-Agreement.aspx">your collective agreement</a> </li><li>WorkSafeBC's <a href="" target="_blank">Injury Prevention Resources</a></li></ul>How can I learn more about musculoskeletal injuries?Health & Safety
DispForm.aspx{7E783E3D-4011-478B-A9FC-98B203177933} <p></p><div>BCNU is strongly opposed to "attendance management” programs. As implemented by some employers, the programs try to force nurses to work when they’re sick, under the threat of intimidation, harassment and discipline.</div><div> <br> </div><div>BCNU is prepared to take legal action against employers who implement these unacceptable, and likely illegal, schemes.</div><div> <br> </div><div>For more information, and to help us stop these programs, <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=e2406821-8fec-41a6-878f-51f7cba483ac&TermSetId=aa12227a-18c7-44cc-b0ea-776eea3d7649&TermId=d3528f15-ebd4-4edf-9e3c-116a5f007be5">click here</a>.</div><p></p>What is BCNU doing about Attendance Management programs?Health & Safety
DispForm.aspx{240081AE-1BBF-4D70-9F0A-32D97D6D7A7A}​​BCNU's education programs can help you grow personally and professionally. BCNU educators guide members to a better understanding of their union, their workplaces and the health care system. Our workshops, conferences and other educational events can help you enhance your knowledge, connect with other members and get involved with the union. Our <a href="/Learning-Development/MemberEducation/Pages/default.aspx">mem​ber education program​</a> is open to all BCNU members. How do I find out about which educational opportunities are available to me?Learning and Development
DispForm.aspx{41B159E7-4950-4785-AD98-D3E12544FBA6}​Check out <a href="/News-Events/EventsCalendar/Pages/default.aspx">BCNU's Events Calendar​</a> to learn more about BCNU education opportunities.How do I find out the dates that courses are available around the province?Learning and Development
DispForm.aspx{D1B0A5B4-D17E-4580-AA08-66383AACDE28}<a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=e2406821-8fec-41a6-878f-51f7cba483ac&TermSetId=aa12227a-18c7-44cc-b0ea-776eea3d7649&TermId=feb7af70-1ad7-44d1-8727-5994c7a2b2be" target="_blank">Building Union Strength</a> is a one-day workshop for all members interested in learning more about our union. Member educators facilitate an engaging introduction to BCNU and address concerns members may be experiencing at work. You will leave with a better understanding of your collective rights, BCNU’s commitment to social justice, and union tools for improving working conditions and relationships. Building Union Strength is offered four times per year in each region and is open to all members.<br>What is Building Union Strength, and how I find out more about it?Learning and Development
DispForm.aspx{B75FEA2B-0931-4F72-B00B-86016FED8132}<div><a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=e2406821-8fec-41a6-878f-51f7cba483ac&TermSetId=aa12227a-18c7-44cc-b0ea-776eea3d7649&TermId=618dafc3-a703-4e79-95a7-5e9aa657d210">BCNU's Communicating: Essential Skills</a> is a three-day course designed to support members who speak English as an additional language. The course focuses on exploring key concepts in communication and promotes effective communication with managers, co-workers, patients, and patients’ families. Participants learn about six essential communication skills and practice those skills by enacting common workplace scenarios and receiving feedback from their peers and facilitators.</div>I'm a BCNU member with English as an additional language. Do you offer any courses that will help strengthen my communications skills with my co-workers and managers?Learning and Development
DispForm.aspx{FB7BE760-650C-4BBD-984F-108235F0F945}<p><br></p>BCNU represents more than 48,000 members, including registered nurses, registered psychiatric nurses, licensed graduate nurses, licensed practical nurses, employed student nurses and other health care support staff.Who does BCNU represent?Members
DispForm.aspx{5E943BEC-CB84-46F9-9CD9-C2400CEB2566}<p></p>The British Columbia Nurses’ Union protects and advances the health, social and economic well-being of our members, our profession and our communities.What is BCNU's mission statement?Members
DispForm.aspx{C27EFDDC-023D-4E1E-AA79-EDB3C36E40B7}<p></p>The British Columbia Nurses’ Union will be the champion for our members, the professional voice of nursing and the leading advocate for publicly funded health care.What is BCNU's vision statement?Members
DispForm.aspx{8FC14349-0664-4C9F-AD32-4DEADE14B549}<p></p><div>You can read BCNU's <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=e2406821-8fec-41a6-878f-51f7cba483ac&TermSetId=aa12227a-18c7-44cc-b0ea-776eea3d7649&TermId=c5d62aec-9f1d-4825-81ca-3a1b33d45ac0">position statements</a> here. The well-researched and documented position statements cover a wide variety of topics, including social determinants of health, harm reduction, primary care, mandated nurse-patient ratios, nursing leadership and aboriginal health.</div>How to I find out where BCNU stands on various health care issues?Members
DispForm.aspx{9E55A697-B576-4F94-A9B7-7DC0F099820F}<p></p>Council is BCNU's top governing body. It's led by five members of the <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=e2406821-8fec-41a6-878f-51f7cba483ac&TermSetId=aa12227a-18c7-44cc-b0ea-776eea3d7649&TermId=567c8aaa-0eca-455c-b173-4afdd2cd838c">provincial executive committee</a> (president, vice president, treasurer, two executive councillors) and 20 <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=e2406821-8fec-41a6-878f-51f7cba483ac&TermSetId=aa12227a-18c7-44cc-b0ea-776eea3d7649&TermId=7d95684e-77e3-4680-a4c5-7abac8e505ed">regional representatives</a> (regional chairs and co-chairs). Provincial executives and regional chairs are elected by members every three years. Council members plan BCNU business, set policies, develop the union's annual budget, and report to the annual convention. Future priorities are developed in a three year <a href="/AboutBcnu/Documents/bcnu_strategic_plan.pdf">strategic plan</a>.How is BCNU governed?Members
DispForm.aspx{2B209A50-DA37-48CC-BEA2-01B5A174B9DF}<p>​BCNU negotiates and administers collective bargaining agreements for all our members and works to ensure those contracts are respected.</p><p><a href="/Contracts-Bargaining/Pages/default.aspx">Visit the Contracts and ​Bargaining page</a> to learn more about the various collective agreements. </p>Who negotiates collective agreements for BCNU's 48,000 members?Members
DispForm.aspx{B3C8754B-E807-42E1-9AE0-7095ED2CA059}<p></p>The vast majority of members work under the Nurses' Bargaining Association (NBA). But there are a number of other agreements negotiated on behalf of members. You can access a <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=e2406821-8fec-41a6-878f-51f7cba483ac&TermSetId=aa12227a-18c7-44cc-b0ea-776eea3d7649&TermId=8c4308e8-3cea-43b7-9865-9e8c0257c7ad">complete list of the collective agreements</a> that represent our members in the Contracts and Bargaining section. If you are still not sure, contact your worksite steward.How do I find out which collective agreement covers me?Members
DispForm.aspx{9FAB2DFD-7CF4-4FF1-AD61-4D982B2255E8}<p></p>You can search the <a href="" target="_blank">BC Labour Board database</a> for decisions and agreed outcomes dating back to 1996. If you have further questions about your collective agreement, please contact your worksite steward.How do I find out about current and past BC Labour Board decisions?Members
DispForm.aspx{A203720A-66B6-479B-96E7-BD51DE5817C5}<p>You and other LPNs belong to the Nurses' Bargaining Association and are covered by the 2014-2019 NBA PCA that was ratified May 10, 2016. There a select few worksites where our LPN members are still covered by the Facilities Bargaining Association's contract. Please contact your worksite steward if you're not sure.</p>I'm a BCNU LPN. Am I member of the Nurses' Bargaining Association or am I still part of the Facilities Bargaining Association?Members
DispForm.aspx{FDB14811-2299-42B3-8469-6FF05409B158}<p>​BCNU is divided into 16 regions, generally based on geographic areas. The four regions within the City of Vancouver comprise members working for specific facilities and services.</p><p>You can learn which region you work in by logging into the <a href="" target="_blank">BCNU Member Portal​</a>.<br></p>How do I find out which region I'm in?Members
DispForm.aspx{9BABE353-0F30-4699-B211-ACA8572BCDA8}<p>​​The member forms are found under Member Services - Current Members - Member Forms:  <a href="/Memberservices/CurrentMembers/Pages/Member-Forms.aspx">​</a></p>Where do I find member forms?Members
DispForm.aspx{B4DC8C02-AFCF-4494-A2BA-86C26900543E}<div></div>The professional responsibility forms are found under A Safe Workplace - Protect your Professional Practice: <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=e2406821-8fec-41a6-878f-51f7cba483ac&TermSetId=aa12227a-18c7-44cc-b0ea-776eea3d7649&TermId=ff7306d7-e81b-44f4-a7ab-cf11f23aa064"></a>Where do I find professional responsibility forms?Members
DispForm.aspx{60BE3FB7-C050-4D20-9AEC-799BBE285C9B}<p></p><p><div>In order to be considered an eligible retiree, you must meet the following criteria:</div><div><ul><li>be a member of one of the NBA’s constituent unions at retirement, and retired under the NBA PCA. For purposes of determining whether a person is an eligible retiree, “retirement” shall mean the date at which the eligible retiree is in receipt of a pension payment from the MPP, PSPP, or CBSPP; <br></li><li>be in receipt of a pension from either the MPP, the PSPP or the CBSPP; and <br></li><li>for retirees in receipt of a pension from either the MPP or PSPP, be paying part or all of the premiums for the MSP from your own pension and not from a pension as a survivor of a deceased pensioner. <br></li></ul></div><div>Below are a few examples of former union members who are not eligible for the retiree benefit:</div><div><br></div><div><ul><li>if you terminated employment prior to retirement and retired when you were not a member of one of the NBA unions. For example, if you terminated employment as a registered nurse and member of BCNU at a hospital in BC and went to work at doctor's  office prior to retirement.<br></li><li>if you were a union member but were employed at Riverview or Oak Bay Lodge or any other site covered by the Nurses' Master and Component Agreement with the provincial government when you retired; if you retired in a non-union position such as a nurse manager.<br></li><li>if you retired as an employee in health care but your union was not under the NBA such as the Hospital Employees Union (HEU).<br></li><li>you have moved into the NBA and the transfer of 1% of payroll to the fund is not yet negotiated.<br></li></ul></div></p>I've recently retired from nursing. As a former member of BCNU, am I eligible to receive the retiree benefit?Retired Nurses
DispForm.aspx{01082B80-66BC-4186-B1BD-7556D32AC19C}<p>Yes. First, you may at some time in the future begin to pay MSP premiums from your pension. Second, the benefit could in the future top up the other benefit premiums: extended health and/or dental. By sending in the application form now and when you begin to pay MSP premiums through your pension plan, you simply have to let us know this and your reimbursement will begin.</p>My spouse pays the MSP premiums under his plan. Should I send in the application form?Retired Nurses
DispForm.aspx{64E50412-A36F-4D35-B73C-A8CDF9A679BA}<p>We have an agreement with the Municipal Pension Plan allowing BCNU to work with the Pension Corporation to verify Plan membership and enrollment in MSP. We do not have the same  agreement with the CBS. As CBS and PSPP do not have an MSP subsidy for members, they have no information on enrollment in MSP.</p>Why do members of the CBS and PSPP plans have to send in their MSP statements and MPP members do not?Retired Nurses
DispForm.aspx{F5A1CE54-362E-430B-96A4-71B2C86F07B6}<p>If you retired within the last eight years, your employer will be one of the current health authorities and your worksite will be where you actually worked. If you do not know your health authority, fill in your worksite only. If you worked in the community or mental health, please provide the city in which you worked so we can  identify the appropriate health authority. For example, if you worked in mental health in Victoria, fill in the worksite as Victoria mental health.</p>What is the difference between "Employer at Retirement" and "Worksite at Retirement"?Retired Nurses
DispForm.aspx{D397E37B-2FF0-468E-97EB-E4BE58201B6A}<p></p>You will receive two lump sum reimbursements each year. You will receive a pay slip at the time of any reimbursement being made. MSP is a taxable benefit and this amount must be reported on your T4A at the beginning of each year.When will I receive my reimbursement?Retired Nurses
DispForm.aspx{0496F593-B40E-4545-A3BF-5837B382863D}<p></p><div>Stewards are BCNU's frontline leaders, providing crucial support and advocacy for their co-workers. BCNU's new <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=e2406821-8fec-41a6-878f-51f7cba483ac&TermSetId=aa12227a-18c7-44cc-b0ea-776eea3d7649&TermId=1685fe5f-605f-46b0-974b-de90e33605ee">Leadership & Labour Relations program</a> brings depth and focus to steward education, guiding stewards as they build competence and evolve into leaders - both on the job and in the union.</div>I'm thinking about becoming a BCNU steward. What courses does BCNU offer to new and experienced stewards?Stewards
DispForm.aspx{1B3FC989-6B02-4562-A606-B0F78498DBAE}<div>Yes! Please visit our <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=e2406821-8fec-41a6-878f-51f7cba483ac&TermSetId=aa12227a-18c7-44cc-b0ea-776eea3d7649&TermId=94e22ac9-dec7-4ca0-9e76-4ca514ed21ac">Student Nurses page</a> on the BCNU website for more information and to register as a student member.</div>I'm a nursing student. Does BCNU offer students any programs or services?Student Nurses
DispForm.aspx{D81DB6AE-7AEA-4296-A84F-E6701A46A926}<p></p><div>Most web browsers now have their own built-in PDF viewer and do not automatically open a PDF file in Adobe Reader.  If you have problems opening or filling out a PDF from our website, please download the PDF file to your computer, then open the file in Adobe Reader.</div><div><br></div><div>If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can download it for free from <a href="">Adobe's website</a>.</div>I am having problems with opening or filling out a PDF form on the website. What can I do?Technical Support

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