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BCNU celebrates National Aboriginal Day today

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June 21, 2012

BCNU honours our First Nations members and all aboriginal communities in celebrating National Aboriginal Day today (June 21).

In Vancouver, members of the union’s Aboriginal Leadership Circle are participating in the celebrations at Trout Lake which began this morning with a Friendship Walk from the Aboriginal Friendship Centre on East Hastings.

Here are lists of other events across BC



On the eve of National Aboriginal Day, BCNU’s Aboriginal Leadership Circle was successful in promoting two motions in support of aboriginal issues at the biennial convention of the Canadian Nurses Association held in Vancouver this week. One motion brings CNA support to the campaigns for “Jordan’s Principle” and “Shannon’s Dream”, relating to the struggle to improve healthcare and education for Aboriginal people and their communities.

Here are links to more information about “Jordan’s Principle” and “Shannon’s Dream”

https://www.bcnu.org/News/News.aspx?page=Bulletins_March 30_1, 2012

https://www.bcnu.org/News/News.aspx?page=Bulletins_Dec 9, 2011

A second CNA motion calls for First Nations nurses to be included in the planning and delivery of services by the new First Nations Health Council.

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