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Statement of investment policies and procedures

Retiree benefit program plan

BCNU and other members of the Nurses' Bargaining Association have developed a fund to provide for inflation protection and benefits for retirees. The current program offers a subsidy for the Medical Services Plan premium to eligible retirees in the Municipal, Public Service and Canadian Blood Service Pension Plans.

NBA Retiree Benefit Application Form

Letter from the President introducing the Retiree Benefit Program

Accessing an Application Form:

You may request a copy of the application, including a complete set of instructions, the eligibility rules and the application form by:

  • call 604 433-2268, or toll free 1 800 663-9991 or
  • send an email to retireebenefit@bcnu.org. Be sure to include your full name and mailing address.

Or, download/print the relevant information and application form

To be able to benefit from the program your application must be received by the BCNU office before the below cut-off dates. The deadlines are firm. You will not receive a payment if the application is received after the cut-off date.

Payout Dates Plan Member
to be Paid
Cut-off Date
Deadline for Submitting Proof of MSP Payments
June 06, 2014 All members from:
Municipal Pension Members,
Canadian Blood Services Members and
Public Service Pension Plan Members
May 05, 2014 May 08, 2014
All members from:
Canadian Blood Services Members and
Public Service Pension Plan Members
December 05, 2014 All members from:
Municipal Pension Members,
Canadian Blood Services Members and
Public Service Pension Plan Members
Nov 03, 2014 Nov 06, 2014
All members from:
Canadian Blood Services Members and
Public Service Pension Plan Members


  • Benefit applies only if eligible.
  • Payout dates are subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a former member of the BCNU, HSA or UPN (NBA) but have been told that I am not eligible for the Benefit. Why am I not eligible?

Below are a few examples of former union members who are not eligible for the retiree benefit. You are NOT eligible:

  • If you terminated employment prior to retirement and retired when you were not a member of one of the NBA unions. For example, if you terminated employment as a Registered Nurse and member of BCNU at a hospital in BC and went to work at a doctor's office prior to retirement.
  • If you were a union member but were employed at Riverview or Oak Bay Lodge or any other site covered by the Nurses Master and Component Agreement with the provincial government when you retired; If you retired in a non-union position such as a nurse manager.
  • If you retired as an employee in health care but your union was not under the Nurses' Bargaining Association such as the Hospital Employees Union (HEU).
  • You have moved into the NBA and the transfer of 1% of payroll to the fund is not yet negotiated.

My spouse pays the MSP premiums under his plan. Should I send in the application form?

Yes. Firstly, you may at some time in the future begin to pay MSP premiums from your pension. Secondly, the Benefit could in the future top up the other benefit premiums: Extended Health and/or Dental. By sending in the application form now and when you begin to pay MSP premiums through your pension plan, you simply have to let us know this and your reimbursement will begin.

Why do members of the CBS and PSPP plans have to send in their MSP statements and MPP members do not?

We have an agreement with the Municipal Pension allowing BCNU to work with the Pension Corporation to verify Plan membership and enrolment in MSP. We do not have the same agreement with the CBS. As CBS and PSPP do not have an MSP subsidy for members, they have no information on enrollment in MSP.

What is the difference between "Employer at Retirement" and "Worksite at Retirement"?

If you retired within the last eight years, your employer will be one of the current Health Authorities and your worksite will be where you actually worked. If you do not know your Health Authority, fill in your worksite only. If you worked in the community or mental health, please provide the city in which you worked so we can identify the appropriate Health Authority. For example, if you worked in mental health in Victoria, fill in the Worksite as Victoria mental health.

When will I receive my reimbursement?

You will receive two lump sum reimbursements each year. You will receive a pay slip at the time of any reimbursement being made. MSP is a taxable benefit and this amount must be reported on your T4A at the beginning of each year.

More Information

Banking information

You are encouraged to arrange to have payments directly deposited into your bank account. Please complete and sign the Direct Deposit Authorization form with formal bank stamp OR attach a VOID cheque and send it with your application form.

Taxation information

The payment for reimbursement of MSP premiums is taxable and will be reported on a T4A.

Need more information?

If you have questions, leave a message with BCNU at 604-433-2268 or 1-800-663-9991, ask for LOCAL 2108 or email retireebenefit@bcnu.org. The voice mail box and email address are regularly monitored.

Retiree Benefit

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