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Professional Responsibility Process

Engaging in the Professional Responsibility Process is the best way to advocate for safe patient, resident and client care and promote positive changes in your workplace.

The Professional Responsibility Process focuses on practice problems related to Nursing Standards of Practice and intends to solve practice issues collaboratively at the local level. Staffing related issues are now separated from professional practice issues and will be addressed as per Article 60 (B) (2): Patient Care Staffing Assessment Process, while nurse safety issues will be addressed as per Article 32 - Occupational Health & Safety Program.

First, talk to your excluded manager about your concerns. Then, consult your employer's Professional Practice Office (PPO). If you believe that the PPO is not available within a reasonable timeframe, or the practice problem has not been fully addressed or that the implementation timeframe is not reasonable after involving your employer's PPO, please submit a Professional Responsibility Form (PRF). If you would like assistance, contact your regional Professional Responsibility Advocate. Login to the BCNU Member Portal to find out who's working for you.


The most important resource in this entire process is you. Use your voice, and access the resources below to help you manage your workplace concerns responsibly.

NBA Collective Agreement documents*:

Professional Responsibility Process resources:

Joint NBA Professional Responsibility (PR) Process Education Module

professional responsibility form

Order form for Professional Responsibility Process materials (Please go to the stewards section of member portal)

*If your workplace is not part of the Nurses' Bargaining Association please review your independent collective agreement or contact  

Professional Responsibility Process – Member Experiences Feedback

Your experiences and feedback can help us to assist you and shape our evaluation of the PR process. Please let us know how you have utilized the PR process under the 2019-2022 PR Process Memorandum of Agreement (Appendix KK) by completing this short feedback form.

​Other Resources

Updated: 8/3/2021 3:17 PM

For more information on Article 32 and Article 60, please refer to your NBA Collective Agreement, or:

  • Nurse safety issues: Article 32 - Occupational Health & Safety Program. For BCNU Occupational Health and Safety Department resources, please see here.

  • Staffing related issues: Article 60 (B) (2): Patient Care Staffing Assessment Process. Please contact your steward for assistance.

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