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Adriane Gear

Candidate for Executive Councillor 

*The following biography and statement of objectives is as received April 21, 2017. Please check individual candidate web pages, if any, for updates.

After caring for the sick and most vulnerable, nurses have the right to return home to their families' free from physical and psychological harm.  We also have the right to be confident in our ability to provide quality patient care and meet professional practice standards.  Unfortunately, workload, overcapacity, staffing deficiencies, poor change management, incivility, trauma and violence contribute to moral distress, burnout, injury and negatively impacts patient outcomes.  As a union, we must address these serious issues in a meaningful way and hold employers and government accountable.  

Since elected Executive Councillor (September 2015 to present), I have worked diligently to advance the portfolios of Health & Safety, and Mental Health.  In addition to supporting members, significant accomplishments that I have contributed to include:  

  • NBA Bargaining:  Improved health & welfare benefits, MOU on Violence in Health Care, the CSA Standard Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace and JOH&S Committee functionality.

  • Personal Resilience Workshops

  • Nurses Violence Support Hotline 

  • Mental Health Strategy

  • Provincial Violence Prevention Campaign


Our membership has grown in numbers, diversity and complexity.  As such, we must strive to ensure all members view BCNU as relevant; and are confident that Council decisions are fair, evidence based, progressive and transparent.

If re-elected, I will continue to bring my experience, integrity and passion to the role advocating for the physical and psychological well-being of all members.  As a leader, I will continue to surface issues, champion member engagement and consultation, foster positive working relationships with stakeholders, embrace innovation and ensure transparent and accountable governance by:

  • Safeguarding benefits.

  • Piloting a BCNU Peer Support Program.

  • Lobbying for Presumptive Legislation—PTSD and other occupational stress injuries.

  • Establishing process to facilitate member engagement and consultation.

  • Holding employers and government accountable to OH&S regulations and collective agreement language.  

  • Empowering members to demand safe care environments, free from bullying and violence.  

  • Building capacity so Stewards, OH&S Representatives and Mental Health Advocates can excel in their roles.

  • Establishing a Governance Committee to oversee and enhance accountability matters of Council.

  • Implementing the CSA Standard for Psychological Health & Safety within BCNU.

For my detailed Statement of Objectives:

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