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Governance Renewal Process

The right ingredients make all the difference

BCNU is revising the contents of our constitution and bylaws. We want to make sure our rules contain language that best reflects our organization and supports the work we do.

Any good cook knows that great meals are made by following a good recipe and using the best ingredients.

Our constitution and bylaws is the cookbook we follow when governing our organization, and the articles contained within are the recipes that help guide the decision making process.

Keeping it fresh

Fragmented bylaws slow an organization's growth, hinder governance, and cause overall stagnation. Over time, this reduces member confidence in the core document that describes our fundamental values and commitments.

It's time for a review

Delegates to the union's 2015 annual convention voted to undertake a bylaw review that involves widespread, thoughtful dialogue with the membership.

What's your recipe for success? Throughout this review process, there will be opportunities for you the chance to provide input that will help us present a modern, cohesive, revised governing document to the union's 2019 annual convention for approval.

Find out what's new!

Login to the BCNU Member Portal to review the following key documents:

  • the Project Charter, to outline the goals of the project and the responsibilities and expectations of the committee (known as the working group),
  • the Modern Bylaws vs. Modern Policies document, to help you better understand the difference in terminology, 
  • the Key Milestones & Specific Activities, so you can review far along the project is, and how close it is to completion,
  • the Frequently Asked Questions, to review answers to some of the questions that have come up along the way,  and 
  • the 2015 Convention Resolution, a copy of the motion passed on the floor at the 2015 BCNU Convention, which was for BCNU Council to report back to Convention a revised version of the constitution and bylaws document. 

Updated: 8/1/2018 9:37 PM

 Constitution & Bylaws

 Annual Report

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