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Acting President's Message

Christine SorensenRenewal is a word we often associate with the spring season yet this autumn is a time of great renewal and change for BC and for BCNU.

We have a new government in Victoria and closer to home there are a number of newly elected BCNU Council and regional executive members. Communities across the province are looking to recover and rebuild after a summer of unprecedented wildfires. BCNU members have been reaching out everywhere to help in these times of urgent need. Whether it's dealing with the opioid crisis, caring for evacuees, providing mental health care support for those impacted by trauma (including care providers), or simply reaching out to the public at dozens of community events, nurses have been strong advocates and leading the way to better care.

Nurses are a fierce and resilient group and we thrive in times of change. Adapting to ever-changing and difficult circumstances seems second nature to us because there is not a day that goes by where we do not have to juggle impossible demands and somehow make it work.

I have been juggling a bit too this summer in my role as acting president and working hard along with your other elected leaders and executive team. We've been planning the opportunities to meet with you and other members around the province over the next few months, to discuss the next round of bargaining and review our strategic plan.

We have been taking forward our message that violence is not part of the job, with determination and increased public support. And we've also been working hard to make sure that BC's new government knows that we will stand up for health care, for our profession and our communities.

As we move forward to tackle the many changes and challenges that await us this autumn and into winter, remember to draw on each other for professional and personal support. We are stronger together and it is by working together that we can develop as leaders who inspire and create change. 

Updated: 9/6/2017 1:25 PM

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