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Patient Care Needs Assessment Process

All health authorities are actively developing their plans to trial new patient care needs assessment processes in specific units throughout the province, and some pilots are now underway. Nurses are working alongside managers on this initiative and are strongly encouraged to provide feedback to their employer and the union. At this time, BCNU has not formally endorsed any of the processes.

This work is in support of Article 60 (B)(2) of the NBA provincial collective agreement (see joint interpretation for more detail). Article 60 states that a collaborative process will be developed for local level managers and in-charge nurses to determine staffing requirements that address short-term patient care needs.

Nurses' Feedback Wanted

Nurses' input is critical to developing an effective, consistent process that will be used to promote safe nurse staffing levels based on patient/resident/client needs and to ensure a standardized approach to the way patient complexity and acuity is defined, as well as other workload factors.

We are actively seeking feedback from front-line staff who are currently participating in the pilot units to find out what's working and where there are opportunities to improve or refine the process.

Send us your feedback now!

Updated: 11/1/2019 2:29 PM

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