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Professional Responsibility Process Foundations

The Professional Responsibility (PR) process is an important tool for upholding professional standards. This course is designed to help members advocate for positive workplace changes by addressing professional practice problems related to the Nursing Standards of Practice of the provincial regulatory body including those which may put patients, residents and/or clients at risk. It focuses on communication skills and practical techniques that promote effective problem solving and positive relationship building with managers and professional practice representatives. By enhancing knowledge of the PR process language and how to apply it in the workplace, participants will gain a richer understanding of the values and guiding principles underlying the PR process. 

In this one day education session participants will:

  • become familiar with the PR process

  • understand the guiding principles of the PR process

  • learn how to identify and resolve professional practice issues

  • participate in communication, documentation and problem-solving exercises

To be eligible for the course you must:

  • be a BCNU nurse member

  • have identified a PR problem at your workplace you would like to address, or support colleagues who have PR problems they would like to address

Professional Responsibility Process Foundations is not currently being offered.

Due to COVID-19 and in keeping with the recommendations of the Provincial Health Office and the government of BC, BCNU has postponed all in-person workshops until further notice.

Updated: 9/22/2021 11:48 AM

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