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Hazards, Inspections & Investigations

​Workplace safety is a priority for the union, and we work hard to proactively ensure healthful, violence-free environments for our members. But when things go wrong, it is critically important to find out why. This two-day course is designed for stewards who are JOHS committee members to enhance their confidence and expertise. It highlights the skills required to help identify hazards, conduct inspections and investigations, and write recommendations. Activities and discussions will deepen knowledge of hazards in the health care workplace, including ergonomic, chemical and physical, as well as violence. Participants practice inspections through simulations that map work areas, relying upon their unique communication skills as nurses and health care workers to gather information about processes, accidents and incidents.​

Due to COVID-19 and in keeping with the recommendations of the Provincial Health Office and the government of BC, BCNU has postponed all in-person workshops until further notice.

Updated: 9/2/2020 3:56 PM

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