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Retired Nurse Pension

​​​​​​Municipal Pension Plan and Public Service Pension Plan

​If you've been working in BC's public healthcare and social services system (health authorities and affiliates​, and community social service agencies) chances are you're part of the Municipal Pension Plan (MPP) or the Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP) (unless you worked at one time for the BC Public Service, you're almost certainly part of the MPP).​

In 2004, BCNU achieved a long term goal: now all employers covered by the Provincial Collective Agreement must become members of the Municipal Pension Plan.  BCNU members who formerly worked for the provincial public service are covered by the Public Service Pension Plan. Click on the links below to read up on useful information for potential plan members of either plan.  For information on how your pension funds are invested, consult the BC Investment Management Corporation.   

More about the MPP and PSPP 

Canadian Blood Service Defined Benefit Pension Plan

For information on this plan, contact your local Canadian Blood Service Human Resource Department or call the Canadian Blood Service National office at 613-739-2240.

Independent Pension Plans

​If you work for a private employer you're likely covered by an independent pension arrangement, as described in your BCNU contract. These pensions are usually in the form of employer contributions to a group RRSP.

​Private Sector plans

BCNU members working for independent employers are covered by various pensions arrangements. BCNU is working to enable these members receive good pension benefits as well.​

Canada Pension Plan

 For more information, go to Canada Pension Plan​.​​
Updated: 11/24/2017 6:26 PM

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