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Steward Elections 2019

BCNU Steward Elections Take Place this June

Want to take the lead at your worksite? Consider becoming a BCNU steward.

As a steward you will provide guidance to your co-workers on a host of work and sometimes non-work related concerns.

You will help members address problems and communicate crucial information about issues concerning your worksite and your profession.

As a steward you will also convey the ideals of BCNU—and articulate our vision of improving the work life, health and economic status of our members while being an advocate for public health care.

As a steward, you will inspire and mobilize members at your worksite.

Are you ready to lead?

Nominate yourself, or encourage a co-worker you respect to consider the role.

The Process

Review the documents below outlining the key expectations for steward participation, and learn more about the level of union activity required to qualify.

All members who wish to run in the steward election must submit their nomination using an online form. Once complete, candidates will be listed on an online ballot. Nominations open May 22 and electronic voting takes place June 11-13.

Don’t delay! Members wishing to run in the steward election at their worksite must file their nomination using an online form that will be live on the BCNU Member Portal between May 22 and June 5. The form lists a series of mandatory prerequisites, including attendance at recent BCNU meetings and events, which must be completed before it can be submitted.

Please review the nominee checklist to ensure that you are eligible to stand for election BEFORE you file your nomination. This list is intended to clarify expectations and confirm a commitment level that BCNU views as essential to the healthy function of steward teams and the effectiveness of stewards in their role


You’ll be Supported

BCNU provides significant resources to stewards, including education in leadership, labour relations, conflict resolution, and communication. Although much of your steward time for union activities is usually paid, a spirit of volunteerism is required to thrive as a member-driven union.

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