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CNPS Webinar

1200 - 1300 & 1500 - 1600
Location: Online

Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS): Legal Considerations During Nursing Shortages

Presented by Anika Clark, B.A. (Honours), LL.B, CNPS legal counsel.

wo sessions available.

Session 1 (1200 - 1300 ): Register here.
Session 2 (1500 - 1600): Register here.

In recent years, health-care systems have faced a variety of challenges which have placed additional stresses on health-care providers. COVID-19 has been a difficult challenge as nurses balance their obligations for providing safe patient care within a time of stressed resources. 

What are the legal considerations that nurses need to keep in mind to protect themselves and their patients during these challenging times? This webinar will discuss the legal considerations which nurses need to keep top of mind, along with risk-management strategies.

Please note that this session is pre-recorded and will not have a live Q&A component.

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