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Municipal Elections 2018

In BC, general local elections for municipal councils, regional district electoral areas, boards of education, parks boards, local community commissions and the Islands Trust take place every four years on the third Saturday in October.

This year, Saturday October 20 is Voting Day.

To learn more about who is eligible to vote check out the BC Voters Guide. To find out where to vote, check out your local government or municipal website.

Click here to see a list of all candidates running in the 2018 local elections around the province.

BCNU members running in this year's election

The BC Nurses' Union is politically active and non-partisan, which means we do not support any political party, but we do organize around issues. We also encourage our members to run for election and to promote policies that improve patient care and reflect BCNU's core values, beliefs and political action priorities. Nurses are strong advocates and natural leaders. It is critical that more nurses and other care providers are heard in political arenas. In order to create communities that give priority to the determinants of health and the strengthening of our public health care services, our voices must be front-and-centre in the decision-making process.

BCNU members who reflect the Vision, Mission and Values of the BCNU,  who request that information regarding their candidacy be shared with other BCNU members and who applied to the BCNU Executive by the October 5th deadline are featured here for your information and consideration.

Linda Buchanan – Candidate for Mayor of the City of North Vancouver

Linda is a public health nurse who currently works in schools and community clinics on the North Shore. Linda ran successfully as a North Vancouver city councillor in the 2011 and 2014 municipal elections. Prior to being elected to council, Linda served as school trustee.

You will find the voting locations and advance VOTING DATES AND TIMES for the City of North Vancouver here as a helpful reminder of where and when to vote. This website also will tell you who is eligible to vote in the October 20 municipal election. 

Statement from Linda Buchanan

In so many ways it is my experience as a nurse that motivates me to run for Mayor in the City of North Vancouver.

As a public health nurse who has worked in acute care, with First Nations communities, in schools, and in community clinics over a 25-year career, I've seen the difference a healthy community can make for youth and seniors, singles and families. Creating great public spaces that reduce social isolation, creating a walkable community that promotes physical health, and ensuring a supply of good, affordable housing are all high on my list of priorities.

But I also know that working nurses face challenges of making ends meet, finding housing, and getting around a region with increasing congestion. As Mayor I want to ensure we have a supply of affordable housing for working families and individuals, so you can live, and continue to live, in our community and that younger nurses can find a home. And I will continue to push the federal and provincial governments to ensure North Vancouver gets the road and public transit infrastructure we deserve. Nurses are a critical component of what makes a city work and I will continue to work on your behalf to ensure we become the caring and inclusive community I envision.

On October 20 please vote Linda Buchanan for Mayor in the City of North Vancouver.

Updated: 10/18/2018 10:57 PM

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