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Student Nurses

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Student Membership​​​​​​​​​​

As a student nurse, you're the future of health care and the future of BCNU! We want to help you prepare for a smooth transition from school to work. We also want ​to help you understand what it means to be a union member and work under a union contract.

Become a student member​ ​of BCNU! It's free, and you can attend meetings, apply for sponsorship and bursary opportunities, attend union meetings, receive the Update magazine, and more.

​​​Contact the Regional Chair for your School to learn more 

Conference Sponsorship​s

Canadian Nursing Students' Association (CNSA) - January 22 - 26, 2019
The BC Nurses' Union sponsors a student member from each of our 16 regions to attend the CNSA National Conference (registration fees, travel, and accommodations provided).  The 2019 National Conference “Aspire to Inspire: Celebrating Student Leadership & Advocacy” will be held in Calgary, Alberta. 

The competition is now closed.

Human Rights and Equity Conference - November 30, 2018
BCNU sponsors a student member from each of our 16 regions to attend our annual human rights and equity conference in Richmond (with complimentary travel and accommodations if required). 

This year's conference, Self, Body, Place, Community: The Many Meanings of Belongingwill encourage attendees to reflect on what it means to belong - to feel at home - as oneself - in one's body – as part of a place. How that belonging builds and sustains community. And what happens when we feel like we don't belong - what is that experience of not belonging - of feeling estranged as oneself - from one's body - out of place and community?

(NOTE: if you are an Employed Student Nurse, please DO NOT apply as a student. Instead, apply as a regular member here.)

This competition is now closed. 

BCNU Convention - Spring 2019 
Each year delegates and observers from across the province gather to do the union's business at the annual Convention.  BCNU sponsors student members from each of our 16 regions to attend. Funding includes registration, travel, and accommodations where applicable. Please note that only BC students are eligible for this funding.  Watch for the BCNU student member sponsorship application in 2019.

BCNU Nursing Practice Conference 
The BC Nurses' Union is pleased to sponsor one BCNU student member from each of our 16 regions to attend our nursing practice conference.  Please note that only BC students are eligible to apply. Funding includes registration.  (Travel and accommodations available if required).

The 2018 nursing practice conference, Nursing Through Relationship: Care & Resiliencewas an opportunity to reflect on many relationships in the challenging contexts of care.  Student nurse colleagues enjoyed some of  the most interesting nurse leaders and thinkers in North America for absorbing presentations, dialogue and discussion.

Watch for the BCNU student members sponsorship application in 2019. 

Student Nurse Education Bursary

This fund is open to student LPNs, RNs and RPNs who are BCNU student members. Students currently working as employed student nurses are not eligible. The bursary is funded by donations and fundraising at BCNU's annual convention from vendors, members and regions. For more information about this bursary including how to apply, please visit the Bursaries and Funding page.

National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN)

Starting in January 2015, students graduating from a registered nursing program will be required to write the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN), which replaces the CRNE. This is a much different exam than the old CRNE and students who entered nursing programs four years ago were not expecting to write this new exam. There are resources available to prepare students to write the exam. Note that internationally educated nurses who apply for registration in BC may be required to write the NCLEX-RN —​ contact BCCNP​ for more information. 

Updated: 11/16/2018 4:15 PM

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