Your Union Dues

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About Your Dues

Once you take a job in a BCNU workforce with a contract in place, you immediately begin earning the relevant wages and benefits. You also receive union representation and protection.

BCNU members pay no union dues until BCNU has negotiated a collective agreement on your behalf, and the agreement has been approved by you and other members in a secret ballot vote.

Once members are covered and protected by a ratified collective agreement, dues become a condition of your employment. That’s part of a long-time union principle that all employees who benefit from the wages, benefits and conditions provided in a collective agreement should contribute to the ongoing costs of maintaining and improving it.  Check out BCNU's Member Portal for more details.

Who Sets the Dues and What Are They?

Dues are the union’s only source of funding. Without dues the union could not function. Members set BCNU dues at the union's convention. They`re 2% of gross straight time pay. They're not calculated on overtime or on some premiums and allowances.

But There Are No Dues Without a Contract

Newly-unionized BCNU members pay no dues until we've negotiated a collective agreement for you and you've approved it in a secret ballot vote. Then paying union dues becomes a condition of your employment.

UPDATED: November 09, 2022

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