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Learning and Development

Education for members

BCNU is a learning organization, committed to the growth and deve​​​lopment of all our members. Our education program offers you the chance to grow personally and professionally, helping you gain a better understanding of your union, your workplace and the health care system.


 Member Education

Our education program is open to all membe​rs. Our ​workshops, conferences and other educational events are an important way to enhance your knowledge, connect with other members and get involved with BCNU.

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Building Union Strength

Building Union Strength Workshop

The Building Union Strength course is a one-day workshop for BCNU members who want to learn more about their union. 

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NU Connections

Join the Provincial Conversation

BCNU wants to ensure members feel supported and empowered to be an active part of the union. We are launching a series of educational topics, with a new topic offered each month.  

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 Steward Education

Stewards are our frontline leaders. They provide crucial worksite support and advocacy. 

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Are You a New Steward?

Steward Essentials Course

Steward Essentials is a two-day course designed for new stewards to help you do your job as a steward. 

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Steward Resource Toolkit

The Steward Resource Toolkit provides comprehensive information for stewards to support them in their role.

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