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Student Nurse Education Bursary

This fund is open to student LPNs, RNs and RPNs, and internationally educated nurses completing a re-entry program who are BCNU student members. The bursary is funded by donations and fundraising at BCNU's annual convention from vendors, members and regions.

Students who are currently working as Employed Student Nurses or have worked as Employed Student Nurses in the past 12 months are not eligible. These members can apply for the Member Education Bursary here

The Student Nurse Education Bursary is awarded once per year. 

Applications are now closed for 2022.

Eligibility Requirements:
  • a student nurse as of September 15
  • a British Columbia resident
  • enrolled in a nursing program in BC (exception for fully-online programs)
  • not working as an Employed Student Nurse or have worked as an Employed Student Nurse in the past 12 months
  • intent to stay & work in BC post graduation as a nurse
  • a student member of BCNU - membership is free. Sign up NOW!
  • if you have already signed up, but do NOT have your BCNU Student ID number, email the BCNU membership department. Your application will not be processed without your BCNU Student ID number

​You may only receive funds once. If you have already received help from the bursary, please do not reapply.

Application Process

  • Complete an online application.
  • You must provide us with your social insurance number (SIN) for tax purposes.
  • We accept applications from January to September 15 of each year.
  • Application deadline is September 15 of each year. Applications are now closed for 2022. 
  • The Committee will randomly draw eligible applicants for the bursary after the deadline, provided the bursary fund is sufficient.
  • Approval letters to randomly drawn bursary recipients will be sent by email in mid-October. Please ensure you check your junk mail folders as well.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Student Nurse Education Bursary email at or the BCNU finance department.

Award Disbursement

Applicants meeting the eligibility requirements stated above will be entered into a random draw for the bursary. Successful applicants will be notified with instructions by email. Proof of program enrollment (letter from school, receipt for tuition paid, or a copy of your transcript) is required to be submitted before funding is released.​

Note: Student Nurse bursaries are also available regionally and may not follow the above eligibility criteria.

Updated: 9/23/2022 4:58 PM

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