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December 2017

In this issue: Read about the BC Seniors Advocate survey of unpaid caregivers and seniors in residential care facilities. Find out how a new perioperative education model is helping to address the province’s OR nurse shortage and get an update on the union’s fall regional bargaining conferences.

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Distress Call

BC’s nurses play a vital role in promoting the health and well-being of seniors. And BC Nurses’ Union members – especially those who work in the community and long-term care – are all too aware of the need for greater investment in the home and community care sector.
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Taking The Violence-Prevention Message to Victoria

Nurses need to know that when they go to work they can expect to come home without being assaulted on the job.
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Taking the Pulse

BCNU regional bargaining strategy conferences were held throughout the province in October and November. The meetings are an important first step in the provincial bargaining process.​  

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Staffing the Operating Room

Sandra Meeres remembers the spring of 2016 like it was yesterday. The BC Children's Hospital nurse watched helplessly as nurse after nurse serverd notice and left one of the busiest operating rooms in the province. 

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Persisting for Their Patients

Kelowna General Hospital post-anesthesia recovery unit nurses use the improved professional responsibility process to help secure a much needed nurse educator.

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​Human Rights and Equity Q&A

BCNU’s Men in Nursing (MiN) group works to break down outdated stereotypes and encourage more men to enter the nursing profession and to become more active in the union. ​

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December 2017

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