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July​​​​​ - August 2016

In this issue: find out more about the work BCNU members are now doing to implement the terms of the new Nurses’ Bargaining Association collective agreement. Read our report from the union’s annual convention and feature story on the future of medicare.​

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Nurses Ratify New Provincial Contract

BCNU President Gayle Duteil: “Now the real work begins to make sure nurses and their patients benefit from new provisions designed to advance the nursing profession and provide safe patient care.”​ READ MO​​R​E​​​​​



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The Power of Unity

BC Nurses’ Union President Gayle Duteil opened the union’s 35th annual convention with a congratulatory message for the more than 500 delegates who attended the May 16 – 19 gathering in Vancouver​. REA​​​D ​M​ORE​​​​​

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Mental Health: Nurses Call for Improved Services Now

On a recent day at the Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops, seven patients suffering from severe mental health problems were placed in the hallway outside the emergency room because the psychiatric unit was full. ​ R​EAD ​MO​RE​​

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Efficiency vs. Care

This year's nursing practice conference, called Knowledge Work: Nursing, Professionalism and the Labour of Care offered the more than 150 BCNU members in attendance an in-depth look into the way care is delivered in a health care system often driven by a growing need for efficiency and productivity.​ READ MO​RE​​

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​The Legal Assault on Universal Health Care

A constitutional challenge that could change the future of Canadian health care is scheduled to resume in BC Supreme Court this September, and patients supported by the BC Nurses’ Union will have an important role in the proceedings.

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Dangerous Move

Many BCNU members are aware of the private surgical clinics that operate in the province. But did you know ​why these businesses only perform day surgeries? It’s because provincial legislation does ​not allow overnight stays in non-hospital facilities. REA​D MO​​RE​​

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Where Is The Care?

It will turn into another​ geriatric warehouse, and that’s what they’ve got all over the province.” That’s how long-time resident Dave Peacock reacted to management’s decision to fire the full-time nursing staff at George Derby Centre.
REA​D MO​​RE​​​​



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