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October 2017

In this issue: Read about how members helped patients affected by this year’s devastating wildfires, find out how nurses are using heroin-assisted therapy to reduce opioid overdose deaths and learn about the One Health care model that harnesses the human-animal bond.

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Paving the Way for Positive Change

It’s a truism that leaders are not born but made. This means we all have the potential to become effective leaders and work with others to achieve our common goals.
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Caring at Crosstown

Just when it appears that BC's opioid overdose crisis can get no worse, the BC Coroner's Office issues yet another monthly report worse than the one that came before it.
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Tried by Fire

As massive mushroom clouds of black smoke rose from the thick forest that borders 100 Mile House, local resident and LPN Angela Vincenzi could feel the weight of the looming crisis on her shoulders.​  

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Harnessing the Human-Animal Bond

Community nurses know that outreach is one of the biggest challenges they face when working with marginalized populations. You can’t provide care if you can’t connect to the people who need it. 

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​Human Rights and Equity Q&A

BCNU’s LGBT caucus exists to challenge homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, and increase awareness throughout the union of their damaging effects. The caucus is also a safe place for its members to openly discuss the challenges they face on the job. ​

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October 2017

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