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Steward Elections 2016

​​​Steward elections are now closed.
Thank you for taking the time to elect the
co-workers who’ll help make a difference
in your workplace.​​

Election results are posted at your worksite.​

All stewards – both new and returning – who are elected in this week's steward elections MUST complete a steward registration form. If you do not complete this form, your contact details will not appear on the member portal, and you risk missing timely steward info​rmation.​


​Steward Registration Form ​​​

To be completed by ALL elected stewards as soon as possible after the election.​​


Or, download and print out a copy of this form.*

​ ​​​

At worksites with four or more stewards, steward teams are responsible for selecting a steward coordinator. At worksites with three or fewer stewards, a primary steward contact must be chosen.  This person must complete the following form, listing the stewards at their worksite and the roles each steward will have. This form must be submitted by Thursday, June 23, 2016​.


​Steward Role Information Form ​​​

To be completed by the Steward Coordinator or primary steward contact.​


Or, download and print out a copy of this form.*​

​ ​​​

*NOTE: if you are using Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox as your browser, this form may not function properly as these browsers use their own built-in PDF viewers by default. In order to save your information, please download/save it to your computer first, then open in a compatible PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader. If you have problems printing this form, please SAVE FIRST and then open in a PDF Reader, such as Adobe Reader and print​.

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