Student Nurse Programs

To help you make the transition from school to practice, we've developed some programs to make your journey smoother. They're designed to give you more information about what to expect in the workplace and what BCNU can do for you and your patients.

Student Nurses: Future Members

BCNU has developed presentations to be delivered at your nursing school.  We hear about your issues and you learn more about the work of the BCNU. Learn more.

Employed Student Nurse Program

The Employed Student Nurse program enables nursing students to gain clinical experience in the health care system in special paid part-time or part-year positions that are additional to the normal staff complement. 

Student Liaison Program

As a student liaison, you act as the link between BCNU and your fellow nursing students at school. You have the opportunity to participate in union education and explore the benefits of union membership so that you can be a resource to your classmates. Learn more about becoming a student liaison.

UPDATED: November 09, 2022

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