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Crucial Conversations

​​​​​​Have you ever witnessed someone say exactly what needed to be said, while remaining calm and respectful, when everyone else was afraid to say a word? Or have you seen someone respond to a personal attack with tact and diplomacy, so that a productive dialogue followed instead of a fight? Crucial Conversations will assist you in recognizing high stakes situations before they escalate into crisis. This two-day course teaches stewards methods to restore safety when conversations take a turn for the worse. Participants learn how to use a set of dialogue skills to achieve mutual objectives while maintaining mutual respect. Whether in a professional or a personal context, the techniques are easy to learn and can be practiced in small steps until mastered, helping transform stewards’ ability to communicate effectively - when it counts the most.

Course Format:

On-demand online course  60-day access.


Due to COVID-19, in-person sessions are postponed until further notice. BCNU continues to offer virtual education and workshops to members.
Updated: 2/28/2022 4:59 PM

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