Bursaries and Funding

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BCNU Education Bursaries

Learn more about our education bursaries: 

Indigenous Student Nurse Education Bursary for Indigenous BCNU student members who are studying to become LPNs, RNs and RPNs, including those currently working as employed student nurses (ESNs). 

Member Education Bursary for all members including employed student nurses.

Student Nurse Education Bursary for student LPN, RNs and RPNs who are BCNU student members and aren't currently working as employed student nurses. 

Financial Support

Other avenues of financial support: 

Humanitarian Mission Fund helps you work in aid projects around the world. 

New Nurse Assistance Fund helps internationally-educated and newly graduated nurses qualify to practice and succeed in BC. 

Prevention and Assistance Fund for nurses who lose jobs at worksites not directly owned by health authorities (affiliates). 

Registered Nurses Foundation of BC offers a number of bursaries available to student nurses,  RNs or both.

UPDATED: November 24, 2022
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