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NU Connections

​Members are the heart and soul of BCNU and our union is strongest when our membership is informed, active and engaged.  At BCNU, we strive to facilitate a ‘new connection’ with you, our member,  to ensure you are aware of who we are and how we can support you. 

We are excited to launch a series of new virtual workshops called NU Connections.  These new workshops will introduce members to BCNU's website and Member Portal where you will find information about the work of the union, the services we provide, board highlights, caucus groups, how to get in touch with your local BCNU representatives and more.

Some workshops may follow an open forum format with your Member Educator and a Q&A session with a regional executive representative.

The NU Connections workshops will be delivered virtually using Zoom and will be led by BCNU Member Educators in each region. 

NU Connections is not currently being offered.

Updated: 9/22/2021 11:56 AM

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