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BCNU Special Election: Vice President

Members Elect New Vice President  

Polls closed in the special election for vice president on March 15 at noon.  It is confirmed that members have elected Aman Grewal as BCNU vice president.  The vice president will serve until the end of this three-year term which ends September 2020.  

The Nominations Committee would like to congratulate Aman Grewal and thank all the candidates that took part in the election, as well as all the members who took time out of their schedules to vote.

The elections results are as follows:

Aman Grewal 2322 (43.3%)

Adriane Gear 1539 (28.7%)

Hardev Bhullar 533 (9.9%)

Clay Delorme 269 (5.0%)

Kelly Woywitka 265 (4.9%)

Hanna Embree 183 (3.4%)

Hong (Melody) Pan 182 (3.4%)

Michael Snell 41 (0.8%)

Lakhbir Gill 24 (0.4%)

If you have any questions about the election please email

If you did not register your details in Member Portal, and did not receive a ballot for this election, please login into the member portal and add your information for future elections. If you need help, please contact

Adriane Gear and Rhonda Croft who were appointed by their Council peers to temporarily backfill the acting Vice President and Executive Councillor OH&S will return to the roles they were elected to.

Adriane Gear who was acting Vice President returns to the role of Executive Councillor OH&S that she was acclaimed to in the 2017 election.

Rhonda Croft who was acting Executive Councillor OH&S returns to the role of Okanagan Similkameen chair that she was acclaimed to in the 2017 election.  

Your full Provincial Executive can be found here.

Candidate information: 

meet the candidates

Online voting

Voting was managed by Simply Voting, an independent full-service provider of secure, hosted online elections based in Canada. Electronic polls were open from  Wednesday, March 13 at noon PST and closed Friday, March 15 at noon PST.

A voting link was sent directly to the personal email address registered on member portal*, ensuring you and only you could cast your vote. The technology also guaranteed that only one vote is accepted for each voter.

*Members were required to have registered their personal email (not their work email) on the BCNU Member Portal.

Campaigning guidelines

Complaints regarding the campaigning process may only be made by a BCNU union member who is in good standing, and must be submitted online using the BCNU Election Complaint Form.

This election was held in accordance with Article 4.07(a) of the union's Constitution and Bylaws.

Updated: 10/9/2019 10:40 AM

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