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BCNU Day is June 111 MORE<p>​On June 11, 1981, 200 nurses gathered in Victoria for BCNU's founding convention. Ever since then, June 11 has been recognized as BCNU Day. Members are invited to take the BCNU Day Quiz to test your knowledge of our union, and enter to win a prize!<br></p><a href="/ResponsiveImages/homebanners/BCNU_Day_carousel_476px-X-346px.jpg"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icjpg.gif" />BCNU_Day_carousel_476px-X-346px.jpg</a> Day is June 11
Elections 2020: Call for Nominations2 More<p>​Starting July 15, BCNU members in good standing are welcome to submit their nomination form to run in this year's provincial and regional elections.<br></p><a href="/ResponsiveImages/homebanners/Carousel-wordmark_476px-X-346px.jpg">Carousel-wordmark_476px-X-346px.jpg</a> 2020: Call for Nominations
COVID-19 Resources3 more<p>​BCNU is committed to providing members with the support and resources they need during this COVID-19 pandemic. <br></p><a href="/ResponsiveImages/homebanners/COVID-19.jpg"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icjpg.gif" />COVID-19</a> Resources
2019 - 2022 NBA Provincial Contract4 MORE<p>The new contract is now available online, as well as a number of BCNU-HEABC joint interpretations.<br> <br></p><a href="/ResponsiveImages/homebanners/NBA-PCA.jpg">NBA-PCA.jpg</a> - 2022 NBA Provincial Contract
BCNU Leadership Awards5 MORE <p>​Two new awards to recognize BCNU members who are outstanding leaders and advocates. Nominate someone today! <br></p><a href="/ResponsiveImages/homebanners/BCNU-awards.jpg">BCNU-awards.jpg</a> Leadership Awards
2020 Declared the Year of the Nurse6 MORE<p>​The World Health Organization is recognizing the nursing profession globally by declaring 2020 as the Year of the Nurse. BCNU is excited to celebrate this landmark recognition throughout 2020.<br></p><a href="/ResponsiveImages/homebanners/YON-wordmark.jpg"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icjpg.gif" />YON-wordmark.jpg</a> Declared the Year of the Nurse
College Registration Fee Reimbursement7 now<p>​Members covered by the 2019-2022 NBA provincial collective agreement who have renewed their practice license for the 2020/2021 year can apply for partial reimbursement of their college registration and licensing fees. Application closes June 30, 2020.<br></p><a href="/ResponsiveImages/homebanners/college_fee_reimbursement.jpg">college_fee_reimbursement.jpg</a> Registration Fee Reimbursement
Committed to Truth and Reconciliation8 MORE<p>​The BC Nurses’ Union is committed to a genuine and just reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and communities based on the Truth and Reconciliation Committee of Canada’s Calls to Action document. <br></p><a href="/ResponsiveImages/homebanners/ILC.jpg"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icjpg.gif" />ILC.jpg</a> to Truth and Reconciliation

President's Message

Christine Sorensen

I want to thank all of our members for the sacrifices you are making as we face this pandemic head on. Watching you rise to the challenge, I have never been prouder to be a nurse or to have the privilege of leading this union of health-care professionals.  

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What is BCNU's mission statement?

The BC Nurses' Union protects and advances the health, social and economic well-being
of our members, our profession and our communities.



BCNU Members Invited to Celebrate Union’s Strength and Solidarity6/1/2020 7:00:00 AMBulletin<p>​Take the BCNU Day Quiz to test your knowledge of our union, and enter to win<br></p> Members Invited to Celebrate Union’s Strength and Solidarity
Bargaining Update: Public Service Agreement6/1/2020 7:00:00 AMBulletin<p>​Negotiators resume meetings virtually after process put on hold due to COVID-19<br></p> Update: Public Service Agreement
Joint Bulletin: Update on PCAP and Working Short Premium5/22/2020 7:00:00 AMBulletin<p><span lang="EN-CA">BCNU and HEABC outline joint roll-out of Article 60</span><br></p> Bulletin: Update on PCAP and Working Short Premium



BCNU In-Person Events Postponed<img alt="" src="/ResponsiveImages/newseventsrollup/2018-events-icons/Meetings_icon_215x215.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />BCNU Head Office - 4060 Regent Street, Burnaby5/14/2020 7:00:00 AM12/31/2020 8:00:00 AMGP0|#0a33b33d-93aa-46b2-b63d-fb465b3104ec L0|#00a33b33d-93aa-46b2-b63d-fb465b3104ec|Provincial Events GTSet|#483257a3-be59-4f79-a32e-c493e2606a0bProvincial Events In-Person Events Postponed