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New Nurse Assistance Fund

​​​​​​​This fund is designed to help BCNU members who are having difficulty becoming qualified to practice in BC. The fund was established following the 2012 provincial contract negotiations.

​The goal of the fund is to help all BCNU members, including internationally educated nurses, who require support preparing for or completing their regulatory requirements.  We want all nurses to be successful in the workplace, and to feel supported as much as possible in the process.


  • available to any BCNU member experiencing difficulty meeting BCCNM requirements
  • ​must have been unsuccessful in passing the REx-PN (formerly CPNRE), NCLEX, or RPNCE – following graduation from a Canadian School of Nursing, or following recent immigration to Canada
  • currently an active BCNU member (currently employed at a worksite covered by a BCNU contract contributing to union dues within the last 12 months and/or employed as an Employed Student Nurse (ESN) contributing to BCNU union dues  in the last 12 months)

Funding M​ay be Approved For

  • ​tuition, books or course fees required by BCCNM before being allowed to retake the REx-PN (formerly CPNRE), NCLEX, or RPNCE
  • tuition for courses and/or tutoring support to prepare for REx-PN (formerly CPNRE), NCLEX, ​ RPNC​E CELBAN or IELTS
  • exam fees
  • in certain circumstances, some honorarium in lieu of wages may be approved while completing registration processes

* The amount of funding approved is according to criteria established by BCNU Council.

To Apply for Funding​

​Disbursement of Approved Funds

  • you'll be notified by mail whether your application has been approved
  • once you've been approved, you must complete and mail to BCNU an expense form along with  receipts for courses, fees etc.
  • ​Under some circumstances BCNU may arrange direct payment to schools​​​​
Updated: 1/14/2022 11:20 AM

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