Our Members

Our Members

By belonging to BCNU, you're part of an active community of skilled health care providers, experienced in fighting to improve working conditions and advocating for patient care.

Stories about the successful work of BCNU members from around the province can be found on our Success Stories page. The stories will also appear regularly in our Member eNews.

Your Membership

When you start your first job in either a provincially regulated workplace, or an independently owned and operated site, you quickly learn whether there is a union contract in place between BCNU and your employer. If there is, you will be given a membership card to sign, and you'll be automatically added to our membership database. You will immediately begin earning the relevant wages and benefits that have been negotiated by BCNU on your behalf. You also receive union representation and protection - there is no waiting period for new members.

Union Dues

Members set BCNU dues at the union's convention. Dues are spent on a number of costs that are associated with the business of the union. Business includes everything from bargaining for new contracts, providing extensive labour relations support, to organizing and hosting practice-related conferences that help you stay motivated and engaged in your career. They're 2% of gross straight time pay, not calculated on overtime or on some premiums and allowances. Union dues are tax deductible.

Newly-unionized BCNU members do not pay dues until we've negotiated a collective agreement for you and you've approved it in a secret ballot vote. Once an agreement is in place, paying union dues becomes a condition of your employment.

UPDATED: November 24, 2022
Union Representatives

You can expect your union representatives to uphold the following:

  • Fair treatment in your workplace

  • Protection from favouritism and harassment

  • A voice to improve your working conditions

  • Respect for your effort and experience

  • Decent wages, benefits and pensions

Constitution & Bylaws
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Annual Report
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