Supplemental Mental Health Benefit

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The Nurses’ Bargaining Association (NBA) Supplemental Mental Health Benefit (SMHB) is now available in partnership with Pacific Blue Cross (PBC). This benefit provides all members covered by the NBA collective agreement with access to an additional $5,000 lifetime amount to cover the cost of a registered psychologist, social worker, and clinical counsellor as well as internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT).

BCNU is the plan administrator and has been diligently working with PBC to set up this new insurance policy, offering superior coverage to members than what is currently provided by their employer.

This benefit, as well as the NBA Hardship Assistance, has been developed to support the mental health and wellness of nurses – a key objective of the Nurse Support Fund: a one-time, $60-million-dollar fund BCNU successfully negotiated with the Ministry of Health in April 2023.

The NBA SMHB will be effective retroactively as of March 31, 2023, and will remain available until the funding is depleted.

Application process

In order to enrol BCNU must collect member’s personal information and submit to PBC on members’ behalf. The employer did not agree to transfer existing plan information over on behalf of members, which means every member that is interested in accessing this benefit must personally enrol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to receive the benefit?
How do I enrol in the benefit plan?
How do I know if PBC has received my information?
Who is in charge of the NBA SMHB?
Is there a deadline to enrol?
Why do I have to match what I enter on the NBA SMBH enrolment form to what is currently available on my PBC profile? Why can’t that just be done automatically?
What services are covered under the plan?
How much is covered by the NBA SMHB?
When is the claim submission deadline?
What do I need to submit to be reimbursed?
What is included in the benefit plan coverage?
How do I submit a claim?
Does this apply to retired members?
Once I’ve reached my termination date, how long may I continue to access this benefit?
Is there a minimum number of hours that I need to work before I can enrol?
Is there a waiting period after I receive confirmation that I’m successfully enrolled?
I have additional coverage through my partner’s extended health benefits plan. Can I still access this?
How does it work if I already have existing coverage?
UPDATED: June 17, 2024

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