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BCNU General Elections

BCNU General Elections

BCNU conducts one-member-one vote elections for its entire senior leadership every three years. The most recent election was held in 2020; results are available below.

Provincial Executive Results


The standing five-member BCNU provincial nominations committee functions as an elected, independent, non-partisan electoral board that is responsible for running the general elections. This committee approves the nominees for the five-member provincial executive committee and 20 regional council members. It also supports the 16 regional nominations representatives (RNRs) who are responsible for approving nominees for the seven positions on their respective regional executive committees (i.e., all excluding the regional council member position).

The nominations process for all 137 positions is jointly conducted by the provincial nominations committee (provincial-level positions) and RNRs (regional-level positions, not including the role of regional council member). The process is administered using the BCNU website with the assistance of BCNU staff.

When necessary, the nominations committee or RNRs communicate directly with members who have questions, complaints or concerns during the election campaign period. They are assisted by staff when communicating with the broader membership (e.g., bulletins and statements).

Updated: 12/16/2021 3:01 PM

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