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Past Campaigns and Initiatives

These Are Our Nurses

BCNU is inviting members to take part in a new initiative aimed at highlighting the passion, professionalism and commitment of nurses working in a variety of health care settings. LEARN MORE

Universal Pharmacare

​Universal Pharmacare

As caregivers, nurses often see first-hand the consequences of not having a national pharmacare program: sicker Canadians and wasted health-care dollars. BCNU members can reach out and ask the federal government to implement universal pharmacare. TAKE ACTION NOW​​​​


Year of the Nurse 2020

​Year of the Nurse 2020

For the first time in history, the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized the nursing profession by marking 2020 as the Year of the Nurse. READ MORE​​​​



2019 Federal Election

Canada's health-care system is a key priority in the upcoming federal election. As nurses you have an opportunity to use your voice to influence change.

Nurses' votes count. LEARN MORE


BC Nurses Say: Safe Care for All

On May 9, BC nurses encourage everyone to vote for a candidate who shares their commitment to safe care. Nurses are calling on the next provincial government to address issues including inadequate staffing, violence, and harm reduction. 

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A settlement agreement restoring a number of nursing positions lost under a new care model at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital (NRGH) is being greeted enthusiastically by local nurses, who are pleased at the prospect of once again trying to deliver safe patient care. READ MORE​

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Fairness for Chiron​

Petition the government on behalf of the 350 staff who provide quality health care services at correctional facilities across BC, who are suddenly facing unfair loss of their jobs, seniority, benefits and the opportunity to continue providing health services. READ MORE

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Our Nurses Matter

Our Nurses Matter celebrated how nurses use their professional skills and knowledge to help save lives, enrich communities and provide cost effective care, while facing major obstacles on the front lines. READ M​ORE​

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Pharmacare Tie-In

BCNU negotiated changes to the extended health care plan drug coverage, to include a PharmaCare tie-in. Soon after, members were having to pay out of pocket for drugs that were supposed to be included in the formulary. BCNU filed an industry-wide grievance on behalf of members, resulting in an award to those affected. READ MO​RE

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Safe Staffing

If you are told you have to work short because there is no nurse to call, no overtime, no money in the budget or not enough casuals or casual pools – the employer is violating our contract. These are not acceptable reasons and the situation may compromise safe patient care. Take action to protect your rights and patient safety by contacting your BCNU steward today.​ 

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Seasonal Postcard​s

All British Columbians deserve high quality health care services when they need it. Each year, BCNU develops postcards for the public to send to the Premier of BC, advocating for changes to help nurses deliver safe patient care. RE​AD MO​​​RE​​

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Supporting Insite

BCNU spent years working to help mobilize support for Insite, Vancouver’s supervised drug injection site and clinic. The facility, operated by Vancouver Coastal Health and the Portland Hotel Society, takes a harm reduction approach and refers clients to detox programs and helps support people through recovery from addiction. Insite opened in September of 2003, and has served the community as a safe, clean, supervised environment where users can connect to addiction, health care, and community services. Watch Standing up for Health Care: The Story of BCNU's Support for Insite and Harm Reduction, a video we produced in 2012, in advance of the 10-year anniversary of Insite's opening.  ​

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