Student Nurses: Future Members

Student Nurses: Future Members are presentations delivered at your school by a BCNU council member.

  • Learn about what BCNU can do for you, what the union does for your practice and for your patients. 
  • Understand the core values that inspire BCNU and how they relate to the workplace. 
  • Learn some contract language and get to know your rights. 
  • Learn how to stay safe at work and how BCNU supports and protects their members. 
  • Learn how you can use contract language to protect patient care.

The sessions are an exchange - we hear about your concerns as you prepare to enter the workforce and you learn more about the work of BCNU. To arrange a session at your school, contact your BCNU council representative.

Upcoming Virtual Presentations

Please check back later for details of upcoming virtual presentations.

If you aren’t already a BCNU student member, signing up is free and easy. Visit the Student Nurse Membership page for more information.

UPDATED: November 23, 2023
Online Module for Students

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