Student Nurses: Future Members

Student Nurses: Future Members are presentations delivered at your school by a BCNU council member.

  • Learn about what BCNU can do for you, what the union does for your practice and for your patients. 
  • Understand the core values that inspire BCNU and how they relate to the workplace. 
  • Learn some contract language and get to know your rights. 
  • Learn how to stay safe at work and how BCNU supports and protects their members. 
  • Learn how you can use contract language to protect patient care.

The sessions are an exchange - we hear about your concerns as you prepare to enter the workforce and you learn more about the work of BCNU. To arrange a session at your school, contact your BCNU council representative.

Upcoming Virtual Presentations

Please check the BCNU Events Calendar for details of upcoming virtual presentations and events available to student nurses.

If you aren’t already a BCNU student member, signing up is free and easy. Visit the Student Nurse Membership page for more information.

UPDATED: April 22, 2024
Online Module for Students

If you are NOT receiving updates, news, and events emailed to you, log in to the BCNU Member Portal and update your information.