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The Future of Nursing in BC

Findings from a recent survey conducted by BCNU's research team during the height of the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic are exposing the overwhelming toll the public health crisis is having on nurses. Read the full report here.

Supporting Nursing Research

Recognized as one of the four domains of nursing, support for nursing research is a key priority for BCNU that is used to help achieve the strategic directions of the organization.

To promote evidence-based research for innovation within nursing, BCNU is proud to offer collaborative support to research projects that align with the union's core values, which include collectivity, democracy, equality, excellence, integrity, social justice and solidarity.

BCNU has supported various projects and initiatives; providing funding, consultation, in-kind donations and letters of support. 

BC Cancer Research Challenge
Gender and COVID
Menopause Foundation of Canada - NEW
PHC Research Challenge
Psychological Health and Safety Survey

Research and Health Policy Team

The research and health policy team, within the BCNU Professional Practice and Advocacy department, manage and support research requests. Researchers interested in working with BCNU on projects can complete the Research Collaboration Request form. Once submitted, members of the research and health policy team will review the project details and contact the researcher to discuss next steps.

For further information or any questions, please contact the research and health policy team at

UPDATED: April 04, 2024
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Future of Nursing Cover

External research and surveys

Please check back for details of external research opportunities.

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