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Current Campaigns and Initiatives

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​BCNU campaigns have succeeded in winning more staffing, preserving services and convincing managers to listen and value nurses' solutions. From the province-wide violence campaign to past campaigns such as Rural Health Care, we tackle​ issues that impact our members, the patients they care for, and the communities they live in. BCNU also works with community groups to alleviate poverty and improve public health care, workplace equity and the environment. ​ ​​


It’s #thatbad

Violence on the job. Working short-staffed. Overcapacity. Every day, nurses in BC are forced to provide safe patient care in impossible situations.

Is it bad? It’s #thatbad.
REA​D MO​​RE​​​​


Violence. Not Part of the Job.

Violence in BC health care facilities has reached shocking levels, with nurses on the front line. Nurses are now more likely than law enforcement and security workers to have a violent injury claim. On average 26 nurses a month in BC suffer a violent injury at work. REA​D MO​​RE​​​​

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Care Model Changes

Across BC, health authorities are looking to save money and provide care in​ new ways. A favourite line they use is "right place, right time, right provider". The problem is their definition of "right" is often wrong, as it ignores evidence warning against replacing nurses with... READ M​​​ORE​​

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Hire a Nurse

The fight for safe patient care has been a long one. But thanks to the determination and dedication of nurses around the province, the BC Nurses’ Union succeeded in reaching an agreement that finally compelled employers to follow through on staffing comm​itments. READ M​​​ORE​​​ ​

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Protecting and Improving Medicare

BCNU strongly supports Canada's publicly-funded, publicly-administered and publicly-delivered medicare. Medicare, our public health insurance plan, is the fairest, most efficient way of organizing health care services, with access based on patients' medical need not on income. READ MO​RE

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Run For T​he Cure

Since 2007, BCNU has supported the Canadian Cancer Society's CIBC Run for the Cure by donating generously and by recruiting enthusiastic BCNU members to walk or run in locations around BC. REA​D MO​RE

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Updated: 9/24/2018 9:48 AM

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