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Steward Intermediate

Steward Intermediate is a two-day course designed to strengthen the ability of BCNU stewards to address issues in their workplaces and support BCNU members. The course covers key issues in labour relations including:

  • discipline
  • selections and workload
  • Union and Employer investigations
  • how to read and interpret collective agreements
  • how to utilize the grievance process
  • how to run Step One meetings
  • grievance file management and handover, and 
  • understanding the essentials of arbitration processes. 

Stewards will also receive an overview of BCNU member advocacy services including OH&S, the LEAP program, the professional responsibility process (PRP) and Human Rights and Equity advocacy.

To help facilitate the most effective learning, participants for this course are selected based on a combination of experience, previous courses taken and responses provided in their application.

Due to COVID-19 and in keeping with the recommendations of the Provincial Health Office and the government of BC, BCNU has postponed all in-person workshops until further notice.

Updated: 9/2/2020 3:57 PM

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