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President's Message


Christine Sorensen

Labour Day is a time to acknowledge workers and those in every profession, including nurses, who have fought for better working conditions for us all, and who have stood up against injustice, often at great risk and personal sacrifice. While most Canadians see it as the unofficial end to summer and a welcome day off, it is important that we all pause and reflect on its historical significance.

Labour Day was established in 1872 to recognize the contribution of ordinary working people to our Canadian way of life. The union movement has helped to build a country that respects people's rights. This includes the right to fair wages, safe working conditions, support and compensation for injured workers and equality for all. 

This Labour Day, let's remember that when we act together, united in a common cause, we can create positive change for ourselves and our communities. In BC, we have experienced change this past year with a new provincial government. We continue to battle wildfires like we have never experienced. The world in 2018 can be a rapidly changing, hostile and frightening place. However, if we support each other and our communities, it is my sincere belief that we will find the opportunities in these times of transition and upheaval to make our province and our world a better place.

Over the past many months, nurses have been reaching out to the public and asking politicians to make health care workplaces safe for nurses and their patients. Nine out of 10 British Columbians agreed that more needs to be done to prevent violence against nurses, and prior to the last election, every provincial political party leader committed to advocate for a violence free workplace.

This Labour Day, let's value BC's workers and commit to safe workplaces, for nurses and all workers. It's time for action from BC's government that will move us forward together towards better workplace safety, community safety and improved health care and living standards for all of BC's citizens. 

I know that BC's nurses on Labour Day, and every day, will be a strong, dynamic voice for progressive change for nursing, health care and in the ongoing fight for fairness, equality and justice. 

Updated: 8/31/2018 1:10 PM

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