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President's Message


Christine Sorensen


BCNU's annual convention is always a special event. It's an opportunity for members to come together, be inspired and feel empowered by a collective vision that sees nurses leading the way for positive change in our lives and the lives of our patients.

This year's convention was no exception – but something happened at our annual meeting that requires special mention: delegates voted in favour of adopting a revised BCNU Constitution and Bylaws. The proposed revision that carried was the result of an extensive 18-month governance renewal process involving more than 12,000 members across the province.

This historic achievement can't be overstated. A solid foundation has now been laid that will support sound governance practices for years to come. I want to congratulate those who participated in the governance renewal process and encourage all members to familiarize themselves with our new governing document.

Good governance is a goal that I will continue to pursue. We now have in place a full team of senior directors who are ready to help drive BCNU forward – and we are seeing results.

Our recent mental health presumption win now sees nurses added to the list of occupations that have easier access to workers' compensation for mental-health disorders related to workplace trauma. We achieved what we had been rallying, lobbying and fighting for because we had great teams in place to help facilitate the member involvement that was needed to change this legislation.

We moved from interest to empowered action.

I am proud of the work that your BCNU Council has done to solidify and raise the bar on governance. We participated in a strategic planning session this June and established a new organizational priority for the coming year: strengthening our organization through sound governance, building trust through positive member engagement and successfully implementing collective agreements.

This new priority relies on an informed membership that understands and enforces contract language. Now, Council is focused on empowering members so that nurses can anticipate challenges and resolve the issues they face in the workplace.

Empowered nurses were on full display at this year's Women Deliver Conference in Vancouver. It felt truly amazing to join our entire leadership and volunteer at an international event celebrating women's empowerment. BCNU members were recognized for the work that we do as nurses and Canadians. Our violence prevention campaign modelled the way by showing how an empowered women-led organization can effectively implement change.

I'm pleased to report that BCNU members are becoming more engaged and informed, and I'm thrilled that members are connecting through their union in more ways than ever. More people are attending meetings and there is increased interest and participation overall.

I'm ready to work with all members to help take this interest and move it toward empowered action so that nurses can achieve the success we all deserve.

Please be sure to take care of yourself this summer and take advantage of the warmer days to spend time with your families. And don't forget to join us at the BCNU bus when it travels to your community. We are always looking for volunteers. Visit the events calendar on the BCNU website to find out when it will be rolling through your town.

Updated: 7/8/2019 3:50 PM

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