Adhel Arop

Adhel Arop

Speaker Bio:
Adhel Arop a two-time award-winning documentary filmmaker residing in Vancouver BC. Her career began in 2018 she was awarded the TELUS Storyhive documentary film grant, and with additional funding from Creative BC as well as mentorship from the National Screening Institution, she completed her first 20-minute documentary, 'Who Am I."

Adhel now aims to pursue a career in filmmaking and advocating for renewable energy options in developing countries.

The film premiered and sold out in July 2019 in Vancouver, BC, Going on win two festivals for outstanding achievements in the short documentary category. This film provided a platform to showcase the Canadian immigrant experience, something she authentically achieved by embracing her narrative of being a child born in the Kakuma refugee camp and drawing from her own stories of immigrating to Canada at the age of four. Her work aims to explore a social justice narrative, focusing on the untold stories of refugees and immigrants that are a part of Canada's diverse identity. Through the medium of documentary filmmaking, she captures stories, many close to her heart and home, which would otherwise go untold.

Presentation: WHO AM I - Exploring Intergenerational TRAUMA AND IDENTITY

This presentation will be exploring the themes of the documentary film 'Who Am I'. Adhel Arop will be discussing how her mother's past as a child soldier has inspired her to become a documentary filmmaking. This path now leads her into human rights activism and impact production. This presentation will have a film screening, spoken word poetry, a speech, and will end with a Q&A session.

UPDATED: February 27, 2023

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