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Internationally Educated Nurses

Getting Your Licence in BC 
If you were educated outside Canada,  you will need to apply for a licence in British Columbia.  The process of becoming a nurse in BC can be challenging and often time-consuming. There are a number of steps that need to be sequentially completed. Knowing the steps and which organization is responsible for administering them can help make the overall process less confusing. 

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Education Resources

Working as a nurse in a new country may come with some challenges. BCNU offers a number of resources below to assist internationally educated nurses with the transition to practising in BC. 

Communicating: Essential Skills

If your first language isn't English, this three-day course​​ will offer tips and tricks to help you communicate confidently with managers, colleagues, patients, and their families. Through small group activities, role play and video, participants will learn key communication skills and practise them by acting out common workplace scenarios. 

Keys to Effective Communication

Keys to Effective Communication​ is an educational video that offers some useful communication tips for common communication scenarios in the workplace.

Other Resources

Members of BCNU`s Mosaic of Colour Caucus​ are also available to help internationally educated nurses transition to living and working in BC.  The Mosaic of Colour Caucus is a safe space for members of colour to support one another. 

In addition to the Mosaic of Colour Caucus, internationally educated nurses are welcome to reach out to any of the other BCNU-sponsored equity groups, including the Indigenous Leadership Circle, the LGBTQ Caucus, and the Workers with Disabilities Caucus.  

Updated: 7/8/2021 2:34 PM

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