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Internationally Educated Nurses


If you were educated outside Canada, working as a nurse in BC can be hard. There may be language and cultural issues.

There's also the challenge of understanding a new workplace without enough orientation and support. Your managers, colleagues and patients may be negative or even racist. BCNU offers training that will help.

Communicating: 6 Essential Skills 

If your first language isn't English, this 3-day course​​ will help you communicate better with managers, colleagues, patients, and their families. You'll use common workplace events to practice. You'll watch a video of you and others in action. You'll get feedback from classmates and teachers.

Help to get a nursing license

BCNU works to help you understand your College rules and the steps to get your nursing license. We can also talk to British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals BCCNP and your employer about any issues you may have on the job.

Educational Video

Keys to Effective Communication​ is an educational video that offers some useful communication tips for common communication scenarios in the workplace.

BCNU`s Mosaic of Colour Caucus​ can also help internationally educated nurses.

In addition to the Mosaic of Colour Caucus, internationally educated nurses are welcome to reach out to any of the other BCNU-sponsored equity groups, including the  Indigenous Leadership Circle, the LGBTQ Caucus, and the Workers with Disabilities Caucus.  

Updated: 10/25/2018 3:12 PM

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