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Internationally Educated Nurses


If you were educated outside Canada, working as a nurse in BC can be hard. There may be language and cultural issues.

There's also the challenge of understanding a new workplace without enough orientation and support. Your managers, colleagues and patients may be negative or even racist. BCNU offers training that will help.

Communicating: 6 Essential Skills 

If your first language isn't English, this 3-day course​​ will help you communicate better with managers, colleagues, patients, and their families. You'll use common workplace events to practice. You'll watch a video of you and others in action. You'll get feedback from classmates and teachers.

Educational Video

Keys to Effective Communication​ is an educational video that offers some useful communication tips for common communication scenarios in the workplace.

BCNU`s Mosaic of Colour Caucus​ can also help internationally educated nurses.

In addition to the Mosaic of Colour Caucus, internationally educated nurses are welcome to reach out to any of the other BCNU-sponsored equity groups, including the  Indigenous Leadership Circle, the LGBTQ Caucus, and the Workers with Disabilities Caucus.  

Updated: 3/12/2020 3:44 PM

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