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BCNU Bylaws Committee Seeking Members

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​Interested members encouraged to email the Chair of the Bylaws Committee by February 2

The purpose of this standing committee is to objectively investigate, consider and make recommendations with respect to proposed bylaw amendments submitted by the membership, BCNU committees, or by members of Council.

As a bylaws committee member, you will be responsible for the following activities:

      • Attending bi-annual meetings
      • Ensuring the general membership is informed of the impact of proposed amendments.
      • Advising and assisting those members interested in moving motions to amend/introduce bylaws
      • Participating in an annual review of the committee's terms of reference.

Those interested in serving on the BCNU Bylaws Committee are being asked to email Claudette Jut, chair of the Shaughnessy Heights region and current chair of the BCNU Bylaws Committee, outlining their interest in the position as well as any relevant experience. Please review the committee's Terms of Reference for more information about the role. 

Deadline to receive applications is 1700 on Friday, February 2.

Members participating in BCNU-approved activities, such as serving on the union committees, are entitled to salary reimbursement and eligible expenses, as per the Policy & Procedures Manual, found behind the BCNU Member Portal

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