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BCNU's Rotation Reps Can Help With Your Work Schedule

  • Bulletin; Contract
​New contact information now in effect

Work schedules, whenever possible, are to be determined by mutual agreement between the employer and employees at the local level. In order to support that, BCNU has dedicated representatives to assist members who are interested in proposing changes to their rotations. Rotations representatives are well-versed in the collective agreement language that pertains to work schedules, and are available to help guide members through the process of developing rotations for consideration by the employer. 

BCNU members who would like to propose changes to their work schedules  can submit their suggested rotations or queries to 

Members must attach the following information to their email to

  • a copy of the old rotation (electronic version if possible)
  • proposed new rotation (if available)

The following additional information must also be included:

  • reason for the change request
  • current number of nurses on the unit, including FTEs if known
  • whether or not there are vacant lines on unit 
  • if there are duty-to-accommodate (DTA) lines, and what their scheduling limitations are
  • what the baseline staffing is per shift (example: day 5, nights 4;  day 5, evening 4, night 2)
  • length of shifts (example: 7.5 or 11 hours)
  • units with RNs and LPNs, please identify each separate group on the schedule

Please confirm there is only one contact person making the request on behalf of a unit, and clearly state their email address and phone number for follow up.

In the subject line of the email, the member must include the following information:

  • facility name in full (example: 'Victoria General Hospital', and not 'VGH')
  • specific unit (example: '4 North medical') 
  • health authority

As a reminder, all rotations over 7.5-hour shift length must be sent by the employer to BCNU for final approval. 

For more information about work schedules, please refer to Article 25 of the Nurses' Bargaining Association contract.

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