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Confidential Independent Investigation Regarding BCNU President

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An open letter to BCNU members from Gayle Duteil was recently posted on a Facebook page. Ms. Duteil's letter speaks to her being on administrative leave and not being allowed to return to work. The letter also states that the BCNU Executive and Executive Director have taken actions which are not in the best interests of the Union. First and foremost BCNU members should know that the BCNU has acted properly and in accord with our legal obligations as an employer.  

Earlier this summer and through this fall the BCNU has received a number of very serious allegations against Ms. Duteil. As Ms. Duteil is an employee of the BCNU, the Council directed that an independent investigation take place into the allegations to determine the facts. The BCNU council appointed two seasoned and well-respected arbitrators to conduct the investigation, Mr. Vince Ready and Mrs. Judy Korbin. While the investigation is underway Ms. Duteil has been placed on a fully-paid administrative leave, which is in accord with our obligations as an employer and in line with external legal advice.  

It is important to stress at this time, that all the BCNU has are serious allegations, which are being investigated.  BCNU will not discuss the nature of the allegations as this would constitute a serious breach to Ms. Duteil's privacy rights and would be highly inappropriate, given this is an internal employment matter.   

The BCNU is committed to resolving these issues as soon as practically possible and working with Ms. Duteil to resolve these serious allegations in a manner that is in the best interest of the BCNU and Ms. Duteil. 

Christine Sorensen has been and will continue to be Acting President until this matter is resolved.  

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