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Continued Progress for LPN Integration into NBA Contract

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Creation of job profiles and classifications for LPNs in the NBA complete; no lost wages or premiums

BCNU is very pleased to share details of the latest memorandum of agreement (MOA), which details and defines LPN status within the larger classification framework of the Nurses' Bargaining Association (NBA) contract and guarantees that LPNs will not lose wages or special premiums as a result of the transition.

Job Profiles

During bargaining of the 2014-2019 provincial collective agreement, the union and health employer agreed on the steps necessary to fully integrate LPNs into the NBA contract. Of those was the need to update and finalize job profiles that reflect the range and variety of jobs that LPNs perform in the workplace.

The MOA sees the creation of a finalized job profile for the Nurse Level 1 position that describes the purpose of the work performed by an LPN when providing direct patient care in both acute and community care settings.

The Nurse Level 2 position has now been broken out into two subcategories created to acknowledge the breadth and scope of the work performed by LPNs in a supervisory role. A Nurse Level 2A position distinguishes the work performed by LPNs in providing first-line supervisory duties. The Nurse Level 2B position acknowledges the role of LPN Educators, who are accountable for delivering training and education to other LPNs, health-care aides/assistants or support workers. 

Compensation and Classification

Major progress was also made on developing a fair and standardized process to address the discrepancies resulting from of the initial transition of LPNs into the new NBA job classification system. Some LPNs have a position that is classified as Nurse Level 1, yet they were previously compensated as a Nurse Level 2, and/or received special premiums in recognition of their specialty education. These members will now be identified and classified properly, and their current wage rate or special premium will be protected. They will continue to receive all scheduled wage increases on the current wage schedule. After March 31, 2019, these nurses will have their wage rate frozen, or "red circled", until the correct wage rate catches up.

Conversely, there are LPNs performing Nurse Level 2 job duties, but are recognized and classified as Nurse Level 1 and compensated at that wage rate. Now, if an LPN in a Nurse Level 1 position is more appropriately classified as a Nurse Level 2 they will be compensated retroactively to October 1, 2016 or the date the grievor started in the position (whichever is later). 

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