Steward Advanced

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March 01, 2023 - June 07, 2023
0900 - 1700
Registration Deadline
January 18, 2023

Steward Advanced is a four-day course completed over four months. It is designed as a mentorship program for BCNU stewards to reflect on the current skills and abilities they possess, and then set and achieve their personal goals to strengthen their skill set.

This blended online course reinforces key labour relations concepts previously covered in Steward Essentials and Steward Intermediate. It covers additional principles by focusing on mentorship, leadership, and communication while providing specialty labour relations information. Stewards are encouraged to go beyond their labour relations focus as they continue to integrate BCNU member advocacy services into their role, including awareness in areas such as: OHS, the LEAP program, the Professional Responsibility process and Human Rights and Equity advocacy. Participants will not only be mentored in their steward role but will also serve as mentors for less experienced stewards.

Course Format: 

Four live session days, blended learning course.


  • active steward
  • completed steward essentials and steward intermediate
  • full time steward (FTS) or steward at large (SAL) - for pilot only 

To help facilitate the most effective learning, participants for this course are selected based on a combination of experience, previous courses taken and responses provided in their application.

Contact: Education Team

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