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BCNU launches Nurses’ Violence Support Hotline

  • News Release; Health & Safety
President Gayle Duteil says service will help nurses who have been assaulted on the job

The BC Nurses’ Union has launched a pilot project which offers immediate help to nurses who have been assaulted while on the job.

“Nurses often need support after they’ve been assaulted,” says BCNU President Gayle Duteil. “In addition to the physical injuries they may suffer, there can be significant long- term psychological​ impacts, including post traumatic stress disorder.”

The hotline is open 24/7 to assist all BCNU members who are assaulted while working.

BCNU is currently working on a number of initiatives to prevent violence at four key sites, including increasing staff and specially trained mental health care workers, personal alarms and improved security systems. However, more violence prevention measures are needed at sites across BC to protect nurses from violence and injury.

“Unfortunately, many nurses who are trying to provide safe patient care continue to face the threat of violence every day when they go to work,” says Duteil. “We look forward to further collaboration with the Ministry of Health in making other worksites safer.

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Catherine Pope
BCNU Communications​​

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