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BC Nurses’ Union Supports Relaunch of Bevel Up

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A ground breaking learning resource on outreach nursing and substance use

Co-produced by the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) and the National Film Board of Canada, and directed by Nettie Wild in 2007, Bevel Up–Drugs, Users and Outreach Nursing is now free online at Bevel Up.  This groundbreaking learning resource chronicles the experience of nurses and health care practitioners who work with people who use drugs in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.  Now, over a decade later, and with funding from BCNU, and with the additional support of the British Columbia Women's Hospital & Health Centre, as well as the participation of the University of Victoria's Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research and the Vancouver Community College, this powerful resource is being relaunched in a digital format making it more accessible online, for nurses and health care providers.

The relaunch of Bevel Up in the midst of the ongoing opioid crisis reminds us that the issues raised in 2007 have yet to be adequately addressed. BCNU remains deeply committed to ensuring that persons impacted by substance use receive appropriate, accessible and timely health care. In 2018, BCNU called on the federal government to immediately decriminalize the personal possession of all drugs, to help remove the widespread stigma towards people who use them and ensure that substance use is treated as a matter of health, care and well-being. The union has also been a strong proponent of Insite-Supervised Consumption Site, harm reduction and evidence-based treatment programs.

BCNU is pleased to partner with the National Film Board of Canada in the relaunching of Bevel Up.  We believe it will provide all nurses and health care providers with valuable insights into one of our country's most pressing health concerns.

For more information click Bevel Up.

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